The Steadfastness of Robert Deignan, CEO ATS Digital Services

Robert Deignan is a prominent businessman in the ICT industry. He is the CEO and co-founder of ATS Digital Services, an international company. His company’s primary role is to provide customer support services that help in resolving the unavoidable technical difficulty.


Factors Contributing to His Success in Business


Robert Deignan uses the instincts of his guts when making important decisions. He believes in himself irrespective of the outcome of his choices. As an entrepreneur, he avoids hesitation when it comes to decision making since it can be detrimental to the business. He also puts every idea that he gets into a spreadsheet to thoroughly evaluate each of them. By doing this, he can actualize his ideas with accuracy, hence, becoming a success when enforced.


The other factor that contributes to the success of his business is hiring the right employees. He considers their qualifications and their ability to learn new concepts. He prefers to work with people who are willing to have the same belief as his with regards to the success of his company.


For him to make a sound decision in his company, he avoids employing family and friends as they may hinder essential decision-making processes. Also, it can be difficult to correct them when they do things that may ruin the reputation of his business. Another reason why he avoids employing loved ones is that they may make it difficult for him to cut down salaries or lay off some workers when the business is undergoing tough moments.


Robert Deignan remains productive by always finding time to relax and reflect. He acknowledges the importance of having time for vacation as it helps in removing habitual thoughts. During recess, he gets time to have great ideas that would help him have his business revolutionized.


View on Automation


With the increase in the advancement of technology, people are getting worried about the possibility of being replaced by technology in the future. However, Mr. Robert Deignan argues that this future occurrence is reversible when people decide to work together with technology instead of opposing it. Therefore, people will still be vitally important even with the continuous advancement of technology.




With more than ten years of working experience, Robert Deignan ensures that his company stays relevant to the needs of its customers. His employees are qualified to provide clients with the best customer service.