Sandy Chin financial success and her quest for education

Education plays a paramount role in society. It is the key to unlocking the world and a passport to freedom. Every parent wants the best for their kids – best life, best jobs, and best schooling. Eminently, it is said that education is the only gift that a parent can give to their kids. Nevertheless, it is evident that the costs that come with it are a major concern. Cognizant of the fact that many nations have embraced free education at the elementary level, some parents may opt to private institutions where their kids can get the best services that they wish for them. This means that getting quality education comes with a price. Unfortunately, parents with shallow pockets never get the opportunity to take their kids to good institutions because of the additional charges required. Up to this far, it is clear that not every kid gets the same educational services. Services you get depends on your parents’ financial capability. This is why charitable organizations and well-wishers have jumped in to fill the missing gap. One such person is Sandy Chin.


Who is Sandy Chin?


Sandy Chin is the former senior analyst at SAC Capital management where she served for three years. Currently, she is the Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio manager at Tidal Bore Capital. Amazingly, she also served as Vice President at Neuberger Berman LLC. She served as an analyst at Donaldson Lufkin and Jenrette International and Bank of America Corporation. She has incredible skills in financial matters, something that has enabled her to open her own company – Tidal Bore Capital.


Sandy Chin and her support for elementary education


According to, one of the remarkable contributions of Sandy Chin is her enthusiasm and thirst for education to children. She has helped in instilling the need and value for reading among learners. Realizing that many kids in PS11 had no access to learning materials due to their economic background, she joined in rallying people to donate books for learners. This idea manifested itself during summer holidays. Sandy Chin realized that during the three months’ summer holidays, many kids from PS11 had the desire to read but they lacked the necessary learning materials. Worse still, while other kids could afford to go to the libraries, kids from PS11 were locked out since they could not pay for the services. Sandy Chin’s amazing ideas saw her organize for book drive where she encouraged people to bring used books to PS11 to help the kids who could not afford to buy them.

Needleless to say, Sandy Chin’s remarkable success in finance has also served as an example to people who may wish to venture into entrepreneurship that achieving financial freedom is not rocket science. According to her, with determination and hard work, one can achieve financial success in their endeavor.


It is worth noting that, Sandy Chin places more value on education through her reading program and entrepreneurship. Her incredible support to kids in elementary schools is commendable.


Jana Messerschmidt Joins the Lightspeed Venture Partners

Jana Messerschmidt was proud to announce that she had become a part of the Lightspeed Venture Partners. As an investor, Jana Lightspeed has invested in more than 50 startup companies all over the world. She has also participated actively in the growth of companies such as Twitter and Netflix. Among the companies that Jana Lightspeed has invested in are such as Pray, Cameo, Mutiny, Prefer, and Buoyant. Jana Messerschmidt has also invested in the healthcare sector through companies such as Color, Forward, Nurx, and Visla.

About Jana Messerschmidt

Jana Messerschmidt has joined Lightspeed Venture Partners since she was in pursuit of a corporation that would complement her interests, strengths, values, and weaknesses. By joining Lightspeed Venture Partners, Jana Messerschmidt has the opportunity to become an impactful and effective investor. Lightspeed Venture Partners sparked some interest in Jana Messerschmidt since the company has been present for more than two decades and their track record is indisputable.

Some of the factors that influenced Jana Messerschmidt’s decision to join the Lightspeed Venture Partners was the team model. Jana Messerschmidt has friends in the venture sector, and they all talked about how tough it is to adapt to investing when you were used to operating. As for the Lightspeed Venture Partners, the company carries out investments by making sure that investors work in pairs. Working in pairs attracts a team culture and mentality. Most founders are fond of the team model.

Additionally, the mentorship and complementary skills at the Lightspeed Ventures were quite intriguing. Although Jana Messerschmidt has been in the industry for long, by joining the Lightspeed Venture Partners, she would get to learn more about what investing entails. The Lightspeed team also has a group of individuals who are knowledgeable about various industries. As a result, the Lightspeed Venture Partners has invested in diversity. By becoming a part of the Lightspeed Venture Partners, Jana Messerschmidt will get to learn more about the various industries.

Vijay Eswaran: Observations From Twitter

Looking at Vijay Eswarans twitter page, it’s easy to see that Mr Eswaran likes variety. He balances out inspirational quotes with informative articles on different fields in business and adds the occasional humorous picture. This can be seen with twitter posts going up to the beginning of November along with older posts including interviews that Mr Eswaran has himself given at different times. Mr Eswaran’s twitter page seems to be crafted by someone who knows the ins-and-outs of their business while also covering other interesting topics for anyone who might be interested.

The first thing noticeable from Vijay Eswaran’s twitter page is how often the relationship between the United States and Asia is brought up in different articles. This is understandable since Mr Eswaran deals with international trade and currently lives in Hong Kong. It also demonstrates just how much Asia has been able to rise in the global market over the past several decades to a place of tremendous wealth. One of the twitter posts demonstrates this by showcasing how Hong Kong is now able to produce millionaires more quickly than the city of New York based on 2017 statistics.

Another thing noticeable about Mr Eswaran’s twitter page is how often inspirational quotes get posted online. Memorable posts include how hard it is to find effective leadership because of people tend to fear change. Another post talks about how the most effective businesses tend to see themselves in their customers and therefore try to give them the best product they can. Many of these quotes come from Forbes Quote of the day while others are found from the internet.

Last, but not least, there is a humorous post concerning how common sense is more difficult for some people then others. Amusing as it is, it is also sadly accurate.

The Steadfastness of Robert Deignan, CEO ATS Digital Services

Robert Deignan is a prominent businessman in the ICT industry. He is the CEO and co-founder of ATS Digital Services, an international company. His company’s primary role is to provide customer support services that help in resolving the unavoidable technical difficulty.


Factors Contributing to His Success in Business


Robert Deignan uses the instincts of his guts when making important decisions. He believes in himself irrespective of the outcome of his choices. As an entrepreneur, he avoids hesitation when it comes to decision making since it can be detrimental to the business. He also puts every idea that he gets into a spreadsheet to thoroughly evaluate each of them. By doing this, he can actualize his ideas with accuracy, hence, becoming a success when enforced.


The other factor that contributes to the success of his business is hiring the right employees. He considers their qualifications and their ability to learn new concepts. He prefers to work with people who are willing to have the same belief as his with regards to the success of his company.


For him to make a sound decision in his company, he avoids employing family and friends as they may hinder essential decision-making processes. Also, it can be difficult to correct them when they do things that may ruin the reputation of his business. Another reason why he avoids employing loved ones is that they may make it difficult for him to cut down salaries or lay off some workers when the business is undergoing tough moments.


Robert Deignan remains productive by always finding time to relax and reflect. He acknowledges the importance of having time for vacation as it helps in removing habitual thoughts. During recess, he gets time to have great ideas that would help him have his business revolutionized.


View on Automation


With the increase in the advancement of technology, people are getting worried about the possibility of being replaced by technology in the future. However, Mr. Robert Deignan argues that this future occurrence is reversible when people decide to work together with technology instead of opposing it. Therefore, people will still be vitally important even with the continuous advancement of technology.




With more than ten years of working experience, Robert Deignan ensures that his company stays relevant to the needs of its customers. His employees are qualified to provide clients with the best customer service.

Victoria Doramus is Passionate about Philanthropy and Charity

Victoria Doramus is a creative professional who has vast experience in the digital and print media platforms. She has a very firm background in media, advertising branding, and communication. Doramus is always finding new and different ways in which she can combine all these fields. A graduate of the University of Colorado-Boulder, Victoria Doramus studies Journalism and Mass Communication. Since she has a penchant for creative, Victoria Doramus has been associated with Stila Cosmetics, Mindshare, Creative Arts Agency, as well as Trendera. In all these brands, Victoria focused on advertising and branding.

Recover expert Victoria Doramus has also worked in the television and film industry. She was the personal assistant t peter Berg where she furthered her expertise in finding new and creative ways of marketing and trends analysis. She is also involved in charity work and is associated with Ami Winehouse Foundation, Best Friends Animal Society, Women’s Prison Association and so on.

One thing that excites her is the ‘bring your data’ which is a trend taking place in the health industry. She tracks he health through a mobile app, which she finds helpful enough because it helps her stay healthy. When it comes to productivity, Victoria Doramus never leaves a ‘To-do’ list of everything that she intends to do in a day. She finds this tactic very effective because it helps in getting things done. It might feel so odd, but there is something about crossing things on her list that lets her manage her time better.

Victoria admits that her road to success has not been smooth. She has courted failure severally, but she was able to take responsibility for her part in those failures. This has enabled her to move forward, adding that overcoming failure does not happen overnight. You have to take hard truths and hard work if you have to come out of that situation.

Victoria Doramus is still passionate about helping others, which is why she is dedicated to philanthropy and charity. This is one goal that is mandatory for her to achieve. She believes self-confidence is everything in life. When she has time to read, Victoria goes for non-fiction memoirs, especially the ones that have addiction recovery literature.


Hussain Sajwani, Developer and Entrepreneur

Hussain Sajwani is a Dubai based businessman that founded DAMAC properties in 1976. Sajwani is a developer and entrepreneur, and he formed the company to develop and construct buildings across the Middle East and Dubai. Sajwani worked in the food service business catering to the US military before shifting to real estate as a career. DAMAC properties is responsible for architecture, engineering and developing of the luxurious buildings in Dubai. The company has developed several luxurious villas and apartments in this area and recently in 2011, they established the DAMAC Maison. The DAMAC Maison is a division that provides services to the clients in the hotel apartments.

Philanthropic efforts

Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC properties have been involved in a couple of charity events especially during the Holy month of Ramadan. Their most recent participation is of the clothing campaign created by AED. AED, which is a Ramadan Initiative was formulated to make the world a better place by helping children that are needy in the country as well as globally. The initiative was formed as a way of giving back during the month of Ramadan. Hussain Sajwani contributed two million towards the clothing campaign to help clothe over 50,000 children.

Sajwani spoke during the launch of the clothing campaign stating that he will always support AED as it protects kids who are the hope for the future. The kids need to be given the correct environment so that they can build better lives for themselves. Hussain Sajwani also recognized the efforts of the government in improving the lives of people in Dubai and wanted to contribute to this.

Donald Trump Relationship

Hussain Sajwani has a business relationship with Donald Trump through his company DAMAC properties. DAMAC Properties partnered with the Trump Organization to develop the Trump International Golf Club. This partnership is sparked by Sajwani’s success in the real estate industry. There have been mixed views that the relationship between the two is not appropriate due to conflicts of interest. However, Sajwani assures that the relationship goes beyond political interests as he has a personal relationship with Trump’s family.

Here’s Sajwani’s website:

Alex Pall Discusses Chainsmokers In New Interview

It’s not always easy adjusting to abrupt fame, especially when it occurs practically overnight and yet somehow the Chainsmokers seem to be taking it all in stride. So how have they managed to balance their renown while still staying down to earth? Mathias Rosenzweig recently caught up with Alex Pall to discuss how they’ve managed to stay at the top of their game for so long and where they would like to go with their careers in the future. The two first got their start in the big apple after Pall’s manager introduced them and they instantly recognized how compatible they are. They began making music together soon afterward and, before long, their first hit single had dropped, thereby gaining international fame and selling over 4 million copies worldwide.

One thing led to another and, before either of them knew what was happening, the Chainsmokers had become a household name. Their international acclaim and success eventually led to their collaboration with Halsey. When discussing that experience, he mentioned that she was a fun and cool person to work with who doesn’t capitulate to conformity. Their fanbase used to consist mostly of teenagers and young adults but it has since grown to incorporate people of all genders and ages. Additionally, they are constantly changing and modifying their concerts as the music industry continues to grow and evolve over the years.

Unlike most other DJs, they actually do provide the vocals on their own music which they insist is necessary due to the fact that the lyrics in their tracks pertain to their lives. One particular point of pride for them is the fact that they do not lip sync at their live performances which is not something that all artists can truthfully say about themselves. As for the future of their career, they plan on sticking around for as long as possible because they know that if they ever take a hiatus, things will be significantly different when they come back. So we wish them the best of luck in the future of their career and hope they are continually successful.

Steve Ritchie Is A Hard Worker

Steve Ritchie is the newest guy to lead Papa John’s. In 2017, he was promoted CEO of the company after it was decided that the company needed to revamp its image and do better. Steve Ritchie has been working for the company since his early 20s. As per, he made working for Papa John’s into a lifelong career. All of the hard work that he put in resulted in a lucrative career in the company. Some people do not expect to get such lucrative careers when they start out at minimum wage jobs at fast food places, supermarkets and clothing stores. However it is totally possible for such jobs to flower into lucrative careers, and this is definitely something that happened to Steve Ritchie.

For the sake of the company, Steve Ritchie went on a national tour to communicate with the people who work at Papa John’s. He traveled to different Papa John’s franchises across the span of numerous states, trying to figure out the best course of action. Many stories were spoken of by the employees at these locations. Steve Ritchie heard of all kinds of stories regarding interactions with customers. Some interactions were good and some were bad. There were also a lot of anecdotes of philanthropic pursuits that different locations had gotten involved in, as well as charitable pursuits for local communities.

It is without a doubt that all of his experiences from the earlier part in his career helped Steve Ritchie to understand the experiences of the people who he was taking with. As per, about 98% of the people who work in leadership roles for Papa John’s have come from more humbles roles where they have been paid less.

Steve Ritchie Papa John’s was excited to figure that there was a general enthusiasm among all of the workers who he talked to, and that everyone seemed to be passionate about doing their best at working for the organization. The workers are the ones who hold up the organization and interact with the customers that keep Papa John’s in business. Follow Papa John’s on Twitter.


Ryan Seacrest’s Experiences and Success

It is after the vacations that the show ‘Live with Kelly and Ryan’ gets back to the screens. It is the second season, and Ryan Seacrest agrees that it was a success and having Kelly as the co-host made it even better. Everything that Kelly had stated would come out of the show is realized, and it is expected to soar even higher. More stars are to get hosted in the second season including Jennifer Garner and Jake Shears. Jake’s music was introduced to Ryan by Kelly contrary to what happens most of the time as it is Ryan that presents new music to Kelly.

While on vacation Ryan took off from the entire obligation and on getting back the main tasks ahead is on Halloween and the Record Breaker week. During the month the producer Ryan Seacrest expects to have an exciting moment as they have a program supposed to be more thrilling. They also plan to incorporate more live festivities to cater to the needs of the audience. In an interview, Ryan said that he aims to give the best to the audience and also improve on his talents. His success got attributed to his personality and dynamic in his career. Throughout the career, he has received different awards for due to his exemplary performance.

The show in the week kicked off with an Introduction of a rare phenomenon of the pop culture a genre celebrated by most of the Ryan Seacrest listeners. New records got introduced in the show during the week, and the judges had a chance to decide on the best performances. As per, he is also involved in the success of the American which he hosts. Ryan has also come up with a fashion company that deals with the Menswear known as the Ryan Seacrest Distinction. He gives back to the society through a foundation he started to empower the younger generation to focus on achieving their dreams.

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Cleanse Your Whole Body The Easy Way

Your body deserves to be treated well. In fact, if you want it to perform the way that it should for you year after year, you need to make sure you take care of it. One of the ways to maintain your peak performance is to use Dherbs as a full body cleanse.

Virtually all of us are guilty of eating and drinking things that we know we shouldn’t. Those things are not good for our health, but they taste good in the moment. Over time though, we build up toxins in our body that take away from our ability to lead a healthy life.

In order to rid ourselves of some of those joy stealing toxins, we must look at using Dherbs to help cleanse our body completely. This little supplement has six formulas plus a raw vegan diet for you to follow. While that may sound like a lot, many have stated that they have been pleasantly surprised by just how easy it has been to follow it. When they start to prioritize their ability to have a clean and healthy life, they start to see the value in something like this .

Dherbs has been featured on a number of daytime talk shows such as the show hosted by Steve Harvey. They have felt comfortable lending their name to the quality of this product. In fact, Steve Harvey practically swears by it as it has helped him to lose thirty pounds.

It is possible to clean up your body in ways that you didn’t even realize it needed to be cleaned. Dherbs is the easiest way to do this and still feel good and active while you are doing so. You do not have to sacrifice as much as you might think you need to in order to just take your life back.

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