Rick Cofer Stands Up for the LGBTQ Community

Austin, Texas is known for standing out, and this is part of what makes it such a unique place to be. Austin is also known for its rich LGBTQ community. Rick Cofer is a big supporter of this community, and he helped to make things happen such as the Halloween ball that benefited the healthcare needs of the LGBTQ community. Rick Cofer Law is a criminal defense attorney who stands up for the LGBTQ community as well as other communities such as the homeless. He is dedicated to helping better the lives of others.

Austin is quite supportive of the LGBTQ community, but there is still a real lack of wellness security. A recent study conducted by the Texas Impact Funds found that there needs to be more done in this area because it is lacking, although it may appear otherwise from a nationwide standpoint. Out of 850 LGBTQ who were interviewed over half were homeless at least at some point in their lives. Although there are clinics that offer help, they tend to be biased, and patients simply do not feel as if they can go there to receive care. If they do go, they often do not receive adequate care in part because they simply cannot disclose their sexual orientation. 77% of the LGBTQ community do not even receive mental health care and many struggle on a daily basis because of it.

According to gazetteday, Texas Health Action is working with the Kind Clinic to change this, and they have been providing their services since May of this year. They are primarily focused on sexual health in addition to other areas of health care and have plans to go forward and to help many others. It is very important for the LGBTQ to have access to this type of care because it helps to eliminate the risk of contracting HIV and it is an effective way to educate about the truths as well as the myths about HIV and how it is contracted.

It is much better to prevent a problem other than to have to find a solution for it and this clinic is an open and welcoming place to the LGBTQ community, so they are much more likely to utilize the services that they offer. The clinic offers both insured as well as uninsured patients and does not see race, sexual orientation, age, or any other defining factors. They also offer low and even free services such as wellness visits, hormone therapy, and much-needed medication. The clinic is a way of bringing about awareness and acceptance of the LGBTQ community as well as helping them to live the lives that they want to which is full of optimism and opportunity.


Karl Heideck Shows You How To Protect Your Small Business By Complying With Employment Law

Karl Heideck is an experienced attorney and author based in Jenkintown, Philadelphia. He has a strong focus on circumstances involving litigation, compliance and risk management.

He enjoys breaking down various parts of the law into a language palatable by the average layman. This time, Karl Heideck wants you to protect your small business. You can do this by ensuring you comply with employment regulations that apply to Pennsylvania.

Your employees enjoy protections under the Fair Labor Standards Act. The law provides guidelines on areas such as minimum wage, overtime and number of hours worked. Additionally, the law gives the business owner the responsibility of creating awareness about the law among your employees. You are required to post the guidelines at a conspicuous public place at the business location. Remember, with most instances, state law precedes federal law.

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Your business is also subject to the Family and Medical Leave Act. Under the act, employees are entitled to time off to attend to family situations and medical needs. The law articulates the unique circumstances under which your employees may take this leave. You are permitted to treat this leave as unpaid. You are not allowed to penalize it in any way.

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act protects the elderly employees from age-related discrimination. It ensures they get the same treatment and benefits as their younger counterparts. The biggest beneficiaries are workers in government agencies and contractor firms.

It is imperative to classify your employees correctly for their social security tax. This is paid to the federal government through the IRS. You should deduct the tax from your full-time employees. It is also key to comply with the unemployment contribution framework in your state.

In 2003, Karl Heideck graduated from Swarthmore College. He then went on to obtain a law degree from Temple University in 2009. He has previously served in various law firms such as Pepper Hamilton and Conrad O’Brien. Karl Heideck is currently serving as a Contract Attorney of Hire Counsel. This is a company that is at the forefront of supporting the new legal economy. It provides revolutionary service solutions to law firms, corporates, and public agencies.

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