Daniel Taub Proves George Galloway Wrong By Visiting The City Of Bradford

Daniel Taub, the Israeli Ambassador to Britain, recently went to the city of Bradford after George Galloway, Bradford West MP, made some questionable statements referring to his city as a zone free of Israelis. Taub revealed that he was in Bradford because some of the community members of the city had invited him there, and he planned on meeting with spiritual leaders, councilors, and others while there. His invitation came directly because of Galloway’s inflammatory remarks, and Mr. Taub said that his experience in Bradford was a much different from the one that Galloway supposed it to be. Instead of finding fear and separation, he discovered a city of inclusion.


The police in Britain have already began to investigate Galloway because of his hateful remarks, which disturbed many people who posted about it on social media. In part of his vitriol-laced speech, he commented that Bradford didn’t want services from Israel, goods, or any academics from Israel to attend the college or university in the city. He went even farther and claimed that the city didn’t even want tourists from Israel to come to Bradford and then referred to Israel as savage and barbarous.


Daniel Taub commented that it is best to focus on the future rather than reliving the past. The problem is that people like Galloway do exist, and he is known to have strong anti-Semitic leanings. This was apparent when he hastily left a debate, simply, because he discovered the person he was debating was an Israeli. On top of this, Galloway has commented in public about his belief of strange conspiracy theories that suppose that Israel is at fault for problems in the Ukraine as well as chemical weapons that Al-Qaeda had in its possession.


Daniel Taub’s visit to Bradford has increased the dialogue between Israelis and other citizens who live there. He was happy to oblige the many people who made a clear statement of their disagreement with Galloway by inviting him. When asked, Daniel Taub commented that he did not see George Galloway as the true voice for the city. Taub went on to point out the fact that Israel and Bradford have a long history of working together.


Daniel Taub is the Ambassador of Israel to the court of St. James, and during his time as Ambassador the cooperation and trade between the two countries has reached heights never seen before. Mr. Taub hopes that the strong bond between the two countries will continue. Learn more: http://www.everipedia.com/editor/dtaub/