How Madison Street Capital is setting the Trend in the Investment Banking Sector

According to the website, global investment banking firm Madison Street Capital, was the sole advisor in the corporate reorganization transaction between Professional Pipe Inc. (PPI) and KJM Capital, LLC. Professional Pipe is a company that plans and installs process piping to various manufacturing and processing plants including the most significant poultry processing plant in the United States. The transaction between the two firms was announced by Madison Street Capital’s Chief Executive Charles Botchway and led by Lester Rodgers, a senior managing director.


Professional Piping Inc. started its operations over four decades ago as a private contractor specializing in fixing pipes in the textile industry. The conglomerate has been in the last decade directed its focus towards several food processing plants. Today, the company has cut down the services it offers and only focuses on poultry processors where they provide machines and piping installation services. Other than the piping services, Professional Piping is competent in general facility maintenance, new construction, replacements, and renovations.


KJM Capital, LLC is the brainchild of Kenneth J. Meister and some other partners. They came up with the idea to start the company with the sole purpose of purchasing lower and middle-market firms that provide various services to its customers. KJM Capital also partners with business owners by offering accounting finance, operational expertise, and software applications. Through the partnership, companies can grow and still provide excellent customer care.


Madison Street Capital that was involved in the recent transaction between the two companies is a globally recognized investment banking firm based in Chicago, Illinois. The firm is fully devoted to service delivery, leadership, excellence, and integrity in every transaction it undertakes. The corporate focuses on offering financial opinions and advice, mergers and acquisition expertise, and appraisal services to both privately and publicly held companies.


Apart from its reputation in the financial world, Madison Street Capital is also renowned for its various humanitarian initiatives. It recently donated funds to help families and communities affected by the recent weather calamities that hit Eastern and Midwestern parts of the United States. Madison continues to enhance its efforts in building profitable businesses within the different communities it operates. Through the continued donations to organizations like the United Way and the Red Cross, their impact is felt in both local and international populations.


Madison Street Capital has for years completed various complex business transactions and has been recognized several times for their accomplishments. At the 16th Annual M&A advisor Awards that were held in New York, Madison Street Capital Scooped the award for Debt Financing Deal of the Year for their role in the WLR Automotive financing transaction. Although it did not win the prizes, it was a finalist in the category of Financial Deal of the Year and Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year.


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