The Rocketship Education Model Spread Quickly Throughout The United States

The Rocketship Education school model spread very quickly throughout the country. The original concept was introduced by Preston Smith and John Danner. They opened their first facility in San Jose California and had immediate success with the operation. The San Jose school became the flagship model of the Rocketship school format. The process began to challenge the idea of traditional schools within the area. The charter school concept was initially designed to reach out to troubled children. The success of the first schools drew support and allowed the organization to expand and build more facilities.

The charter school concept grew outside of its California roots. There are now institutions in Wisconsin and Tennessee. Washington, DC welcomed its first Rocketship Education school in 2016. The organization is backed by many different famous personalities including professional athletes and politicians. Andre Agassi is a noble name who supports The Rise Academy in DC. Reed Hastings, the CEO of Netflix donated $2,000,000 of his own money to the charter school system. Barack Obama had his administration get involved with a $2,000,000 donation while he was serving as President of the United States.

Rocketship Education brings a very specific learning style to the traditional schooling process. It is a mixture of classroom activities and online courses. There is a partnership with several other educational institutions such as Team America. Team America places college students in educational jobs upon completion of school. The charter school system is designed to accommodate low-income families and provide opportunity that is normally not available to people in this sort of situation. It is estimated that 86% of charter school attendees or of a low economic background.

Rocketship Education introduced a tutoring model that is versatile and adjusts to different types of students. The program is also designed to assist parents in understanding what the children are learning in order to promote a supportive home environment.