Luxurious Wellness Starts with Jeunesse Global

Jeunesse Global has been making headlines in the health and wellness world. The company was started in 2009 in Orlando, Florida. Since its inception, they’ve been helping to transform the world into a healthier and more youthful place. They accomplish this through their extensive line of products. Co-founders Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis lead the organization and have been passionate about their goals. The company has won almost 350 awards and is considered to be one of Orlando’s top companies. The company’s COO, Wendy Lewis, is also considered to be one of the most influential women in direct selling. Jeunesse Global provides a great youthful experience and even provides you with the opportunity to make money. All you have to do is share your journey with others. This article will cover a small portion of the many products offered at this time.

The Youth Enhancement System offers a full range of products. You’ll feel balanced, energized and renewed by following this plan. This is a must-have for those wishing to share their new passion with the world. Nine different product lines are incorporated into the kit and include everything from vitamins to cosmetic products. This is a great way to experience a true full body experience. Get yours today by visiting

Another new product line is the RVL hair care system. This complete set will have your hair looking and feeling its best. A shampoo, conditioner, and scalp treatment provide a full remedy to nearly any hair type. The product uses a new polypeptide technology known as HPT-6. This technology, combined with botanicals such as fenugreek, jojoba and flaxseed oils, and even eucalyptus, provide a truly luxurious hair care experience. This product is coming soon, so it’s a great idea to check out RVL, today.

Jeunesse Global is a company that treats its clients and distributors as a family. Being a family-owned company, this makes perfect sense. You can learn all about the company and enjoy many more tools on the company’s interactive website. Simply get online and visit to get started on your new journey to achieving youthfulness, today.

How Ara Chackerian Has Made An Impact On Healthcare

Ara Chackerian is a professional investor who specializes in early-stage healthcare businesses. After graduating from Florida State University with a marketing degree in 2001 he launched his first business, BMC Diagnostics. This is a company in the healthcare industry which provides diagnostic imaging services to its clients. Six years later he launched his investment firms, ASC Capital Holdings, for which he is the general partner.

Since founding ASC Capital Holdings, Ara Chackerian has co-founded a couple of other healthcare companies. The first was PipelineRx. This business offers clinical Telepharmacy services to pharmacies across the United States. He also co-founded TMS Health Partners in January 2015 which is based in San Francisco and offers services to patients who have clinical depression. He is additionally a member of the board for two other firms, Juma Ventures and Mint Medical Education.

As an environmentalist and philanthropist, Ara Chackerian established a farm in Nicaragua that grows teak. As the teak is growing it takes a lot of CO2 out of the air which helps with climate change. This business also helps to prevent deforestation and is sustainable and environmentally sound. Before he bought this farm it was used to graze cattle which meant local farmers had chopped down all of the trees.

The teak farm is called Finca de Limonapa. Ara Chackerian hired these farmers to work on his farm in order to grow the teak and provide them with good paying jobs. He also has other crops on this farm such as moringa, pitaya, and sesame, although teak makes up the majority of the output. Ara also has a Nicaraguan charity he set up to support children and their education.

About nine years ago Ara Chackarian visited Armenia along with his father since his grandparents emigrated from there. When they were there they witnessed the fact that young orphans leave the orphanage with no skills to get a job and no hope. They changed this for young orphaned women by establishing the Nor Luyce Mentoring Center for Youth. This nonprofit teaches job and life skills to these women so that they can reach their true potential. You can visit Vimeo for more.

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