Walmart Offers Beneful Dog Food Across the States

Walmart, one of the leading commercial stores in the United States, offers a variety of Beneful dog food items. Beneful’s dry dog food ranges to approximately 14 dollars for a bag over 15 pounds while a case of 27 individual cans costs about 15 dollars. Depending on the quantity of dog food desired, customers can expect to find single portions of dog food for as low as 2 dollars to a large bag for about 34 dollars for a 40 pounds of Beneful. Walmart’s online store offers a variety of Beneful’s dietary specific selections which includes their IncrediBites and Healthy Weight recipes. Though selections vary between Walmart stores, customers can order from their comprehensive online catalog and have their dog food shipped to their door. The occasional clearance and rollback sales are regularly listed in their coupon catalogs which customers should check routinely for future Beneful discounts and learn more about Beneful.

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