How Fabletics Uses a Customer Driven Marketing Technique to Keep on Increasing its Customer-base

It’s only 4 years since Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler teamed up to start Fabletics. But the company has already managed to become a formidable force in the fashion landscape; raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars in terms of profit, annually. What’s the secret?


Well, the customer-driven marketing strategy employed—that seems to be Kate Hudson’s biggest trade secret and the reason behind Fabletic’s success.


Otherwise labeled as the “power of the crowd” or “customer driven marketing technique,” Kate seems to understand how much people make their decision to buy any given product online based on other customers’ opinions and feedbacks. That explains why review-centric marketing strategies have become so popular over the past few years.


While almost all marketers would have been quick to run for the standard, run-on-the-mill digital marketing strategies such as Google Adwords, sponsored social media content, banner ads, or SEO, Kate settled for something completely off the wall and ignored the rest. Although she recently started posting sponsored stories on both Facebook and Instagram, her marketing strategy, for the most part, revolves around consumer reviews, price comparisons, helpful guides and social sharing.


On the subject of useful guides, she tries to walk potential customers through her VIP section by painting a clear picture of how everything operates. She has the technique integrated with a fit quiz, whose results automatically generate tailored outfits based on her customers’ tastes and preferences.


The official Fabletic’s website is also designed with a price comparison section, where Kate uses a chart to compare the price they charge with what’s being charged by her competitors. But that’s NOT where it all ends; she has to make her customers understand that the price would be further sliced down should they opt for VIP membership.


Now the meaty part of her marketing strategy is with the customer’s reviews section. Here, Kate has an entire page dedicated to displaying consumer reviews in terms of quality, the customer service they received and their shopping experience, as well. This section comes with social share buttons that customers can use to encourage the people they know to come and sign up with Fabletics. Members get a $10 credit for every successful referral they make.


This technique counters the issue of trust. Unlike traditional forms of marketing and advertising, people find it easy to trust the feedback they get from other random users of the product being sold. Smart brands understand this one very simple, but important concept and wouldn’t as such hesitate to leverage it.