Sandy Chin financial success and her quest for education

Education plays a paramount role in society. It is the key to unlocking the world and a passport to freedom. Every parent wants the best for their kids – best life, best jobs, and best schooling. Eminently, it is said that education is the only gift that a parent can give to their kids. Nevertheless, it is evident that the costs that come with it are a major concern. Cognizant of the fact that many nations have embraced free education at the elementary level, some parents may opt to private institutions where their kids can get the best services that they wish for them. This means that getting quality education comes with a price. Unfortunately, parents with shallow pockets never get the opportunity to take their kids to good institutions because of the additional charges required. Up to this far, it is clear that not every kid gets the same educational services. Services you get depends on your parents’ financial capability. This is why charitable organizations and well-wishers have jumped in to fill the missing gap. One such person is Sandy Chin.


Who is Sandy Chin?


Sandy Chin is the former senior analyst at SAC Capital management where she served for three years. Currently, she is the Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio manager at Tidal Bore Capital. Amazingly, she also served as Vice President at Neuberger Berman LLC. She served as an analyst at Donaldson Lufkin and Jenrette International and Bank of America Corporation. She has incredible skills in financial matters, something that has enabled her to open her own company – Tidal Bore Capital.


Sandy Chin and her support for elementary education


According to, one of the remarkable contributions of Sandy Chin is her enthusiasm and thirst for education to children. She has helped in instilling the need and value for reading among learners. Realizing that many kids in PS11 had no access to learning materials due to their economic background, she joined in rallying people to donate books for learners. This idea manifested itself during summer holidays. Sandy Chin realized that during the three months’ summer holidays, many kids from PS11 had the desire to read but they lacked the necessary learning materials. Worse still, while other kids could afford to go to the libraries, kids from PS11 were locked out since they could not pay for the services. Sandy Chin’s amazing ideas saw her organize for book drive where she encouraged people to bring used books to PS11 to help the kids who could not afford to buy them.

Needleless to say, Sandy Chin’s remarkable success in finance has also served as an example to people who may wish to venture into entrepreneurship that achieving financial freedom is not rocket science. According to her, with determination and hard work, one can achieve financial success in their endeavor.


It is worth noting that, Sandy Chin places more value on education through her reading program and entrepreneurship. Her incredible support to kids in elementary schools is commendable.


Charter Schools Have an Educator Taking Care of Them

Eva Moskowitz is an important figure in the history of the United States. She is the person who launched the Success Academy Education Institute, a charter network that aims to improve the education system, and she also did it by sending to thousands of schools her reading lessons for students to learn from that.



Any interested teacher or educator can head to a condo that the network from Eva Moskowitz bought to serve this exact reason. Many tutors are calling the founder of the idea to be able to learn with her at the condo where she is giving lessons on how to improve the education.



According to the philanthropist Moskowitz, reading is a highly important habit that needs to be passed down to children as their number one priority. By reading, students are increasing their horizons and unlocking new doors for their future and education. It is a truly amazing tool that needs to be taught at schools.



Teachers of all over the country agree with the statements of the specialist and are following her education steps. Her program has improved the methods of dozens of educators, by changing their core ideas of how to teach a subject, and really presenting the most important aspects of learning something at school.



Specialists say that one of the most valuable assets for the development of a student’s habit is to create things. As creators, students are able to improve their horizons by being creative and making things that are useful or meaningful for them or for society.



Through her Success Academy Education Institute, Eva Moskowitz has already some of her methods to more than 15,000 educators, and it significantly increased at the launch of her program. That is not the end of it: Right now, her teaching network has improved the methods of over forty schools around the nation, developing new tactics and ways to teach kids the importance of reading and being creative.



According to educators and business owners in the area, the methods that push kids forward on developing their own critical thinking are the most powerful ways of teaching for a student’s brain under development. Eva Moskowitz’s program is changing lives of students for the better by introducing them to new forms of thinking.



Her plan with the program is to achieve at least 100 Success Academies in five years and to improve the education of the U.S. forever.



Her methods are being discussed everywhere around schools, and she is already a very influential person who is operating at some of the most prominent charter schools in the country.



The owner of the program went to Washington this month to receive her distinguished award: The Broad Prize, which is given to educators and businesspeople in the education department that are making considerable changes and improvements for low-income students.



In New York City alone, the program has achieved double the expected for June 2017, hitting a number around 14,000 of students that are low-income and are following the education methods of Eva Moskowitz.



Right now, her network is the biggest chain of charter schools in the area.