Dr. Sameer Jejurikar Receives an Award for his Patient Compassionate

Based in Dallas, Texas, Dr. Sameer is a qualified plastic surgeon who is associated with a number of different hospitals among them being Dallas Medical Center as well as Creek Medical Center both of which are in Texas. He studied at the University of Michigan Medical School where he graduated with a medical degree. Dr. Sameer is among the seven doctors at Dallas Medical Centre and among the nine doctors at Pine Creek Medical Center who specialize specifically in plastic surgery. He mainly focuses on repairing or replacing tissues in the body including the skin tissue. He also deals with bone surgery. Dr. Sameer has an experience of more than 10 years in this field.

On a yearly basis in the United States, patients from different places give back feedback about their experiences with the physicians who had been attending to them. In 2013, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar was among the top physicians ranked based on reviews from the patients. He was among the physicians who received the 2012 Compassionate Doctor Certification after being announced by Patient’s Choice. Physicians with good skills who are nearly perfect are the ones who get recognized and honored with the Compassionate Doctor award.

This Compassionate Doctor thing is associated with the Patient’s Choice program where patients from all over are given a chance to rate the doctors and vote for their favorite ones. The 2012 Compassionate Doctor recognition amounted to only 3% of the 870 thousand physicians in the whole country who received the honor. After being accorded with the honor, Dr. Sameer said that he was greatly honored. He was grateful for his patients’ efforts of rating him with positive reviews.

Patients’ Choice is a platform that gives the information about doctors around you who have received awards for having the best patient care and quality expertise. This is where the Compassionate Doctor Certification comes in by honoring the physicians with positive ratings from their patients, and Dr. Sameer happened to be among these physicians. Dr. Sameer is known for his commitment to providing the best care to his patients.


In The Light Of Doe Deere

Doe Deere, who is the current CEO and initiator of Lime Crime Cosmetics, was born in Russia and grew up in the city of New York. She says that she is on a drive to have the public see that not only do cosmetics cover flawlessness, but also act as a way of expressing oneself.


According to Doe, beauty is what one feels presently. In regard to that, she came up with her own line of cosmetics that are bold and vibrant in nature. The brand Lime Crime Cosmetics originated from a color that she loved. She yearns to develop more products that are so vivid and have an eccentric energy.


Having started from scratch, she is a very strong ally of women who are entrepreneurs and managers of their own businesses. She is so compassionate about tutoring and guiding other young women who aspire to become great entrepreneurs, and she has a platform on her Instagram page where they can all reach out to her if in need of any form of advice.


Doe Deere admits that in her line of work, she has never had a day that is boring. This is becaus, if she is not working on new products, she is up and about making sure that every of her department is running uninterrupted and with a lot of efficiency. She also markets her own products on social media.


She does one outstanding thing which she says is a good idea for all producers. Doe Deere makes sure that before any of her products go into the market, she gets to test it on herself. This gives her and also the clients an assurance that this product is commendable.In addition to that, Doe Deere is a strong believer of an idea that most people are against. She finds no problem in people wearing bold colored hair to educational institutions and places of work. In her organization, most of the personnel wear Unicorn Hair.


Doe Deere takes it to light that the one thing that makes her more productive in her work is that she has so much belief in her dreams and also her customers. This enables her to make great and confident choices. Other than that there is an element she says is yet to fail her, and that is her sixth sense. Many are the times that she is so much pressured to make a verdict and yet she has very little information about it.

This is where she listens to her instincts which for a long time have not grassed her.


As an entrepreneur, she advises fellow and aspiring entrepreneurs to strive to be great listeners. She says that there is always a tip that one could get just by taking time to listen. This includes listening even to the critics.


Apart from her cosmetic business, Doe Deere is compassionate about pets. She regularly donates to an organization that deals with the rescue of animals by the name Bide-A-Wee. It’s a shelter for animals such as cats and dogs. Learn more: http://www.womendailymagazine.com/doe-deere-entrepreneur-inspires-us/

Is Doe Deere The Defining Millennial Entrepreneur?

Doe Deere has made Lime Crime a household name despite all of the odds against her. This isn’t something to take lightly or think nothing of. Millennials have been known as the industry killing generation, but it seems as if Deere has actually paved the way to create some of the most important market breakthroughs around. We now live in a world where people buy their makeup online and where we have an endless selection to choose from. It’s no surprise that she’s managed to make herself one of the most prominent success stories around with Lime Crime, but it’s more important to understand how she made herself the symbol of Millennial entrepreneurial spirit.



An Experiment In Color


Doe Deere’s cosmetics are an experiment in color. She understands just how amazing colorful makeup can be and she wants her fans to see for themselves. This is why her brand is always pushing entirely new ideas with every new release. This makeup is intended to be more than a commercial grab. It’s an effort to make art and give the world a way to experience that art for themselves.



A Brand With A Consciousness


The most amazing thing about Lime Crime is that Deere has made sure to give this brand a sense of responsibility. Whenever you purchase Lime Crime products, you are guaranteed that none of them contain any animal byproducts. She is a firm believer in animal welfare and does just about everything to make sure she delivers on her beliefs. She wants to give her fans more than a product and she wants to do more than make money. Lime Crime is her personal attempt to change something in the world she believes needs to be changed in her own way.



She Isn’t Finished


It’s important to understand that the success of Doe Deere isn’t going to end any time soon. She wants to turn this into something even greater with her plans to expand well beyond the traditional borders of cosmetics. One example of this expansion is her outreach to young women looking to create their own business. Many people want to enter cosmetics, but without proper guidance they will not be able to create a prosperous company. She understands what women need to do to create their own business and she plans on helping every girl find a way to learn that too. Learn more: https://ideamensch.com/doe-deere/


Cosmetic Entrepreneur Doe Deere Gives Away The Keys To Success To The French Tribune Online

Doe Deere, marketing analyst, technology expert, and cosmetic designer to name a few has the competitive drive to succeed in a mainstream cosmetic industry. In a recent French Tribune article, Deere, was able to tell their readers the keys to success and longevity. She admits her idea of colors was not always a favorite among her peers, but her certification and the creation of Lime Crime cosmetics changed their minds. In fact, to be successful it involves taking risk and she was not intimidated by being one of the first to use the velvetine matte/super-foil base for her cosmetics. Learn more: http://guestofaguest.com/los-angeles/interview/interview-lime-crimes-doe-deere-on-how-to-make-your-dreams-come-true


Deere, encourages her wearers to find out what their successful at doing and hone in on their talent with a flame for dedication and hard work. She admits to their readers at the French Tribune, saying, you have to be dedicated to something that you love doing or it will be hard to make it work. Deere says, you should never set your business ideas outside of something you enjoy doing. You’re focus should be on something you enjoy creating, branding, selling, or creating. Your success lies in the level of your dedication to your successful entrepreneurship and you have to own your talent.


LC cosmetics are designed to give her users a new look or to help build confidence in the original you. Her line of cosmetics is well known for being safe for all skin types and completely hypoallergenic. Her love for animals means should could only market products that were cruelty-free. Enjoy a line of cosmetics that blend well with your skin tone and are water-proof for all day coverage. You never have to worry about multiple trips to the ladies room for reapplications when your out with that special someone and trying to make a good impression.


Deere, has also expanded on her talent with a new lipstick collection that is a sensation among her Instagram users. The new Scandal purple-violet hue is a must have for young adults and casual professionals. She dares her clients to rebuild their talents constantly with new ideas, as the keys to success. The Scandal line is launched under the LC name as its own unique color. You’ll find Lime Crime products exclusively packaged in trendy containers that are easy to find in the bottom of your cluttered purse. Take charge of a new hairdo, outfit, or mood with cool colors like Lemon Drop and Purple Sorbet.


You can share you creative Lime Crime ideas by uploading your experience on YouTube. Their products encourage you to share ways to mix, match, blend, and be creative with their products. Other users around the world have also posted tutorials which are free for their users to view. Become a brand you new with bold bright colors or use the amazing Lime Crime cosmetic line to build on your current look. You’re invited to visit their easy to read and navigate website for more free shipping and promotional offers for Lime Crime products today. Learn more: http://frenchtribune.com/teneur/25362-how-controversial-doe-deere-became-successful-entrepreneur