Boraie Development

Shaquille O’Neal Partners with Boraie Development in Real Estate

Boraie Development has opened a new luxury tower known as The Aspire. The tower is situated in New Brunswick at 135 Somerset Street. The project sought to provide more options for the people residing in the city. It was designed to suit individuals who are looking to rent apartments that feature a modern design. The Aspire not only boasts of a modern design but is also conveniently located near the New Brunswick train station.

The rental complex is situated near Rutgers University’s Downtown City Center, Saint Peter’s University Hospital, and Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. It is also near excellent entertainment spots with plenty of dining options.

The Aspire has 238 apartments that comprise of studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments. This is a full-service building that allows its tenants to enjoy plenty of amenities. For instance, it has a private parking with direct building access and a 24/7 doorman at its lobby. The apartments feature a designer finish starting from the floors to the kitchens. Each unit also has a good view of the city, which tenants can see through the oversized windows.

  1. O’Neal entered into a partnership with Boraie Development to ensure the success of this project. Shaq O’Neal was particularly motivated to see this project through because he comes from Newark, and he wanted to do something big for his home. Besides the desire to do something for his home, Mr. O’Neil also joined the project because The Aspire is the city’s third-tallest structure.
  2. O’Neal ventured into real estate development after retiring from his successful NBA career. After the retirement, he came into partnership with Boraie, a firm that has proved successful in its real estate ventures. The former NBA player considers this real estate company as the ideal teammate because it has done a lot to ensure the success of the projects. Shaquille O’Neal went for the project because he believes in the city. In fact, he said he was not in it for the money.

Luxurious Wellness Starts with Jeunesse Global

Jeunesse Global has been making headlines in the health and wellness world. The company was started in 2009 in Orlando, Florida. Since its inception, they’ve been helping to transform the world into a healthier and more youthful place. They accomplish this through their extensive line of products. Co-founders Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis lead the organization and have been passionate about their goals. The company has won almost 350 awards and is considered to be one of Orlando’s top companies. The company’s COO, Wendy Lewis, is also considered to be one of the most influential women in direct selling. Jeunesse Global provides a great youthful experience and even provides you with the opportunity to make money. All you have to do is share your journey with others. This article will cover a small portion of the many products offered at this time.

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Another new product line is the RVL hair care system. This complete set will have your hair looking and feeling its best. A shampoo, conditioner, and scalp treatment provide a full remedy to nearly any hair type. The product uses a new polypeptide technology known as HPT-6. This technology, combined with botanicals such as fenugreek, jojoba and flaxseed oils, and even eucalyptus, provide a truly luxurious hair care experience. This product is coming soon, so it’s a great idea to check out RVL, today.

Jeunesse Global is a company that treats its clients and distributors as a family. Being a family-owned company, this makes perfect sense. You can learn all about the company and enjoy many more tools on the company’s interactive website. Simply get online and visit to get started on your new journey to achieving youthfulness, today.