Steve Lesnard Talks About Product Marketing In The Digital Era

Technology has changed the way people carry out product marketing. Nowadays, product marketing is dynamic, and most businesses are also making good use of social media channels since they are suitable advertisement platforms. Some of the choices that business people make prove to be highly beneficial in the long run. However, if these choices are not utilized well, they can be counterproductive.

The brands that have achieved great success always have the best interests of their clients at heart while coming up with different strategies. Additionally, the successful introduction of a product helps to notify the target clients about the benefits of using a particular product. They will also gain more knowledge about how these products add value to their lives. When marketing a product, it is also good to heed to different marketing principles. The marketing principles that have been offered by professionals such as Steve Lesnard include:

Incorporating Simplicity

When carrying out marketing, it is advisable to pay attention to the storyline. The consumer benefits should also be present in the product introduction. Steve Lesnard also advises people to outline the various enhancements that make the product better. Working with a team is advisable. Each team should be focused on handling specific tasks. Also, the marketing team should focus more on the innovative features that are relevant to communication.

Apple is one of the companies that have been able to focus on simplicity. Some of their advertisements have also been memorable, and they include the iPod campaign. Many people wanted to always listen to music without any restrictions. Apple noticed that it was possible to develop a gadget that would allow people to listen to music at any given moment regardless of their location or any other restrictions. They created the iPod. The communication strategy that was used by Apple was full of emotion and simplicity.

The Ideas Should Be Brought To Life By Making Them Real

According to Steve Lesnard, this is a principle that focuses on the consumer experience that a brand wants to bring to life. The brand must also be sure about its storyline. For instance, if a brand is dealing with clothing, they must try to picture how their products will look in their clients. If its technology, they must highlight the different uses, among other things.

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Jana Messerschmidt Joins the Lightspeed Venture Partners

Jana Messerschmidt was proud to announce that she had become a part of the Lightspeed Venture Partners. As an investor, Jana Lightspeed has invested in more than 50 startup companies all over the world. She has also participated actively in the growth of companies such as Twitter and Netflix. Among the companies that Jana Lightspeed has invested in are such as Pray, Cameo, Mutiny, Prefer, and Buoyant. Jana Messerschmidt has also invested in the healthcare sector through companies such as Color, Forward, Nurx, and Visla.

About Jana Messerschmidt

Jana Messerschmidt has joined Lightspeed Venture Partners since she was in pursuit of a corporation that would complement her interests, strengths, values, and weaknesses. By joining Lightspeed Venture Partners, Jana Messerschmidt has the opportunity to become an impactful and effective investor. Lightspeed Venture Partners sparked some interest in Jana Messerschmidt since the company has been present for more than two decades and their track record is indisputable.

Some of the factors that influenced Jana Messerschmidt’s decision to join the Lightspeed Venture Partners was the team model. Jana Messerschmidt has friends in the venture sector, and they all talked about how tough it is to adapt to investing when you were used to operating. As for the Lightspeed Venture Partners, the company carries out investments by making sure that investors work in pairs. Working in pairs attracts a team culture and mentality. Most founders are fond of the team model.

Additionally, the mentorship and complementary skills at the Lightspeed Ventures were quite intriguing. Although Jana Messerschmidt has been in the industry for long, by joining the Lightspeed Venture Partners, she would get to learn more about what investing entails. The Lightspeed team also has a group of individuals who are knowledgeable about various industries. As a result, the Lightspeed Venture Partners has invested in diversity. By becoming a part of the Lightspeed Venture Partners, Jana Messerschmidt will get to learn more about the various industries.

Victoria Doramus is Passionate about Philanthropy and Charity

Victoria Doramus is a creative professional who has vast experience in the digital and print media platforms. She has a very firm background in media, advertising branding, and communication. Doramus is always finding new and different ways in which she can combine all these fields. A graduate of the University of Colorado-Boulder, Victoria Doramus studies Journalism and Mass Communication. Since she has a penchant for creative, Victoria Doramus has been associated with Stila Cosmetics, Mindshare, Creative Arts Agency, as well as Trendera. In all these brands, Victoria focused on advertising and branding.

Recover expert Victoria Doramus has also worked in the television and film industry. She was the personal assistant t peter Berg where she furthered her expertise in finding new and creative ways of marketing and trends analysis. She is also involved in charity work and is associated with Ami Winehouse Foundation, Best Friends Animal Society, Women’s Prison Association and so on.

One thing that excites her is the ‘bring your data’ which is a trend taking place in the health industry. She tracks he health through a mobile app, which she finds helpful enough because it helps her stay healthy. When it comes to productivity, Victoria Doramus never leaves a ‘To-do’ list of everything that she intends to do in a day. She finds this tactic very effective because it helps in getting things done. It might feel so odd, but there is something about crossing things on her list that lets her manage her time better.

Victoria admits that her road to success has not been smooth. She has courted failure severally, but she was able to take responsibility for her part in those failures. This has enabled her to move forward, adding that overcoming failure does not happen overnight. You have to take hard truths and hard work if you have to come out of that situation.

Victoria Doramus is still passionate about helping others, which is why she is dedicated to philanthropy and charity. This is one goal that is mandatory for her to achieve. She believes self-confidence is everything in life. When she has time to read, Victoria goes for non-fiction memoirs, especially the ones that have addiction recovery literature.


Ryan Seacrest’s Experiences and Success

It is after the vacations that the show ‘Live with Kelly and Ryan’ gets back to the screens. It is the second season, and Ryan Seacrest agrees that it was a success and having Kelly as the co-host made it even better. Everything that Kelly had stated would come out of the show is realized, and it is expected to soar even higher. More stars are to get hosted in the second season including Jennifer Garner and Jake Shears. Jake’s music was introduced to Ryan by Kelly contrary to what happens most of the time as it is Ryan that presents new music to Kelly.

While on vacation Ryan took off from the entire obligation and on getting back the main tasks ahead is on Halloween and the Record Breaker week. During the month the producer Ryan Seacrest expects to have an exciting moment as they have a program supposed to be more thrilling. They also plan to incorporate more live festivities to cater to the needs of the audience. In an interview, Ryan said that he aims to give the best to the audience and also improve on his talents. His success got attributed to his personality and dynamic in his career. Throughout the career, he has received different awards for due to his exemplary performance.

The show in the week kicked off with an Introduction of a rare phenomenon of the pop culture a genre celebrated by most of the Ryan Seacrest listeners. New records got introduced in the show during the week, and the judges had a chance to decide on the best performances. As per, he is also involved in the success of the American which he hosts. Ryan has also come up with a fashion company that deals with the Menswear known as the Ryan Seacrest Distinction. He gives back to the society through a foundation he started to empower the younger generation to focus on achieving their dreams.

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How Rodrigo Terpins Splits His Time Between Operating His Businesses And Being A Rally Racer

Rodrigo Terpins is a businessman who lives in Sao Paulo, Alagoas, Brazil. He is a co-founder of the ABEIM-ABVTEX Brazilian Textile Retail Association and is a partner at Floresvale which is a company that reforests trees. He is also well-known among car racing enthusiasts has he has driven many times in the Sertoes Rally.

He is also an expert when it comes to retail stores. Rodrigo Terpins was recently asked to speak at the Customer Experience Summit. This is the biggest convention on retail and customer experience in Brazil. He joined over 800 other entrepreneurs and managers at this event where he talked about how to improve customer shopping experience and what to do to encourage brand loyalty.

Rodrigo Terpins said during this convention that successful brands will deliver a deep experience to each of its customers. He also discussed the efficiency of technology and make online shopping better as a result. This includes not just the online shopping experience itself but also making sure that packages sent to customers are on time and arrive in excellent condition.

When it comes to rally car driving, he is on the Bull Sertoes rally team. His brother, Michel Terpins, is also on this team. The Sertoes Rally that Rodrigo Terpins drives is said to be the most challenging on in Brazilian rally racing. There are many types of terrain to traverse and whichever two-man team has the best time wins the race. When driving a rally you need to have excellent driving skills combined with the ability to stay calm under pressure. You also need to be able to work as a team with a consistent chemistry between the two members. Check out Terra to know more.

Rodrigo Terpins has said that he came up with the idea of Floresvale when he wanted to create a company that could be operated in an environmentally responsible fashion. Rodrigo Terpins says that most wood extracted in Brazil is uncertified. His company helps the environment while also increasing the amount of certified wood that is harvested. His work schedule is very packed and he even uses his commute times to keep up to date on how his businesses are doing.


Victoria Doramus Gets Trend Analysis Figured Out In Very Interesting Way

Victoria Doramus is an expert in a number of different things. She is a journalism major that knows how to pin articles and blog for companies based on the market trend analysis that she has performed. She is also able to help people along the road of recovery when it comes to drug addiction because she has gone through this battle herself. These are the type of things Victoria has discovered. She has covered a lot of ground in marketing, but she has also put her personal life in the spotlight as well.

According to IMDB, her ability to be so transparent about her journey has given her a great amount of likability and credibility in the marketing industry. She knows how to look at the trends of certain markets and collect data based on what is happening in these environments. As someone that has recovered from drug addiction she has an interesting perception about the psychological spending habits of consumers as well. In a world where drunk

Shopping is a thing it stands to reason that people are emotional shoppers. There are people that shop when they are depressed. There are others that may shop simply because their friends are out shopping. These are all different types of shopping market trends that Victoria has the ability to analyze.

She has more of an in-depth connection with people that may shop based on their emotional imbalance in relation to her own drug addiction. These are things that Victoria Doramus can analyze that other trend experts that have not gone through drug addiction and recovery may not even be aware of. She has more of an inside track on how personal issues affect the way that people spend with their shopping habits. Her personal recovery from drug addiction has helped excel with her professional career.

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Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC Owner

Hussain Sajwani, an Emirati national, is a billionaire property developer. He is the founder and chairman of DAMAC Properities, the number one ranked real estate developing company on the Forbes 2017 Global 2000 list. This successful company has calculated Sajwani to have a net worth of $4.1 billion, the world’s 4th richest Arab according to the Forbes 2018 rankings.

Hussain Sajwani grew up under the wings of his entrepreneur father. He managed to obtain a highly competitive and valued government scholarship that sent him to the United States where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics from the University of Washington.

Upon graduating from university, Hussain Sajwani began his career as a Contracts Manager for a subsidiary of ADNOC (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company), GASCO. Shortly afterwards, in 1982, he established his own catering venture business. Now called the Global Logistics Services, the catering division manages more than 200 projects and serves over 150,000 meals every day in markets such as the Middle East, Africa, and the CIS.

In 2002, he established DAMAC Properties, one of the Middle East’s largest property development companies. Employing nearly 2,000, DAMAC Properties has a list of luxury homes including 19,000 apartments and over 44,000 units. In an article from, it says that the company became publicly-listed, in 2015, with shares in the Dubai Financial Market. DAMAC linkS up with quality brands such as Versace Home and Fendi Casa, Just Cavalli, Bugatti, and Paramount Hotels and Resorts for the best in luxury villas and apartments.

Sajwani’s success is evident in global equity and capital markets. Now expanding his reach to other business opportunities, Sajwani has interest in other companies like Al Amana Building Materials, Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles, and Al Jazeira Services.

In addition to his personal business success, Sajwani, the DAMAC Owner, has served as member of numerous boards such as the Majan University College JUNO Online, and Emirates Takaful Company.

He, his wife, and four children currently live in Dubai. Being named one of the Middle East’s Future Stars in 2017 by the Arabian Business Achievement Awards, Mr. Hussain Sajwani doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.

Hussain Sajwani And His Success Story

Sajwani is recognized as one of the few entrepreneurs from Dubai who have established themselves around the world. He has positioned his businesses on the global market and has contributed a lot in providing employment. He has earned respect because of successfully entering the real estate business. The successful entrepreneur has made an impact in the real estate business because of the great things he has accomplished. He has become a real estate expert through his company known as DAMAC Group. The company is now operating in many countries apart from Dubai and has since achieved a lot.

Although Hussain Sajwani has succeeded in the real estate business, it should be known that it is not easy to invest in the real estate business and achieve success. It only takes proper calculations, and the best skills and that is how Hussain Sajwani has succeeded. Only a few people can raise the capital to invest in the real estate business in Dubai. But Hussain Sajwani managed to conquer the competition in the business and has today one of the most successful people. His company is now a world leader in the real estate business around the world.

According to Bloomberg, the native of UAE has achieved a lot of success with business, but he has no time to relax. He knows the dynamics of business change, and that is why he is always working hard to understand the market. Do not think that Hussain Sajwani comes from a wealthy family. As mentioned on Arab News, he was born from a middle-class family, and that made him endure various hardships while growing. He would work with his father at his shop for many hours, and that made him work hard because he wanted to become a professional and work regular hours.

His father worked hard because he wanted to ensure his son got the education he desired. Hussain Sajwani (@HussainSajwaniOfficial) was hard working in school, and due to this, he went to study in the United States. After completing his degree in economics, Sajwani launched his career, but soon he realized the best thing was to start his own business. He started a catering business which became successful.

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Guilherme Paulus: Operating Businesses In The Tourism Sector

Guilherme Paulus is one of the newest billionaires of the world, as confirmed by the Forbes magazine. He will be joining other billionaires on this year’s issue presenting the top billionaires of the world. The report came in unexpectedly, as Guilherme Paulus never imagined that his net worth would someday break the $1 billion mark.

The Brazilian businessman has focused on the development of a tour operator services firm and a chain of resorts and hotels all throughout the country. Forbes has pointed out that the ventures he established made him a billionaire in this day and age where a plane ticket is cheap, and people have the will to travel to new destinations. Another factor that added to the growth of his net worth is the recent sporting events which were hosted by Brazil. Back in 2014, the country hosted the FIFA World Cup, and it drew millions of visitors to the state. In 2016, the Rio de Janeiro Olympics took place, and it again attracted millions to visit the South American state. The spike in tourist arrivals became a perfect combination to transform Guilherme Paulus into a successful entrepreneur.

The Brazilian entrepreneur knew in himself that he would become a businessman someday. Before he turned 20 years old, he joined IBM and worked as an intern to learn about the company and how it is managed. When he was already 24 years old, he had the dedication to build a company and looking for potential business partners. A local politician developed an interest with the business he was proposing, and their partnership began. The CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. was founded in 1972, and it became the largest provider of tour operating services in South America. Guilherme Paulus also founded the GJP Hotels and Resorts in 2005, which gave him an additional source of income. He built his properties near airports and tourists populated areas, and his strategy was effective, and his chain of resorts and hotels became a hit. In 2009, his company gained the attention of the Carlyle Group, and he managed to sell $420 million worth of shares to the multinational company after they settled into internal agreements.

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What Successful Business-Persons like Jose Hawilla can Offer to the Rising Entrepreneurs

It is the desire of every business person to become successful in entrepreneurship. You must have heard many people say that the entrepreneurial journey is not smooth. Well, it is true that if you dream of a successful entrepreneurial career you ought to get ready for anything that comes your way. As such, there is a wide-range of information on entrepreneurship available everywhere for the risk takers. Successful businessmen and women possess excellent entrepreneurial skills that make them stand out from their competitors.

Notably, here are some tips on what it takes to become a reputable and great entrepreneur;

  • For you to run a successful business, you need to have a good personality that attracts customers as well as a business-friendly environment. It is a way of cementing your business with the right people and atmosphere for excellent service delivery towards customer satisfaction.
  • To succeed in entrepreneurship you also need to establish strong business relationships with the people that are already successful in entrepreneurship. Besides, business-minded people should greatly value the tips of the top most successful entrepreneurs. Such relationships will help you learn the dos and don’ts in the business world.
  • With globalization and the evolving developments in technology, entrepreneurs need to be up to date with the changing needs of customers. Entrepreneurs should change with time to be successful.
  • Always be ambitious and never-back-down once you fall if you really want to succeed in business. You should dedicate all your efforts towards the greatness of your business. Only the go-getters can succeed in entrepreneurship.

Hawilla is one of the most successful entrepreneurs from Brazil. He has managed to establish a strong business empire in his country. In the 1970s, Hawilla served as a sports journalist which is a significant base for his great career fulfillment. He later quit his job to pursue business. He is the founder of the Traffic Group Company which was established in 1980. The company is the largest operating sports marketing firm in Brazil. Besides, Hawilla has various investments in the media industry; among them many newspaper organizations.

However, some of the skills Hawilla has relied on in his entrepreneurial journey include efficient planning and excellent managerial skills. Jose Hawilla is also a self-motivated and a hardworking businessman who stops at nothing but success. Therefore, all business enthusiasts have a lot of information to borrow from the already successful entrepreneurs globally like Jose Hawilla. You can checkout for more info.