Madison Street Capital Investment Firm the Financial Partner of Choice for Napoleon Machine

Napoleon Machine was looking to add to its assets a credit facility, and getting the right partner to help in making this kind of arrangement was not an easy journey. As part of the criteria of getting the right partner, Napoleon was looking for a financial partner who was agile enough to understand them at all levels of business. Napoleon was looking for a financial advisory partner who could tell them the truth, understand what their plans were and even how they are operating as a business.


When Madison Street Capital came to the picture, the investment firm ticked all the boxes of Napoleon Machine. The reason as to why Madison Street capital became the financial partner of choice is because, at the core of the investment firm lies integrity, ‘tough love’, professionalism and great knowledge and experience in the financial industry.


During the discussions on the credit facility that Sterling Commercial Credit was providing, Madison Street Capital took Napoleon Machine through solutions that would allow them to acquire more working capital to fuel the growth of the business because they understood the asset that this facility was going to make for the company.


Napoleon Machine


Napoleon Machine is a company that founded in 2010. It is an ISO 9001:2008 certified provider of value-added manufacturing services which include services for both medium and large steel parts, painting, customizable metal fabricating, light assembly and precision machining.


In its current status, Napoleon Machine has created two spaces that are world class manufacturing cells. The first room is a clean room to house a Toyoda Bridge Mill that will have a 5-sided machining capability. The second room is a weld work cell. These two cells are newly designed to implement speed and accurate change tooling concepts. The company strives to offer quality products using the two cells. Additionally, when the cells are combined with modular fixture designs that are accurate, the company will be placed in a better position to compete with better prices.



Madison Street Capital


The leading global investment firm is a financial firm that has the experience, knowledge, and staff to steer investment banking in the top middle market and emerging markets. The company is specialized in providing mergers & acquisitions, and corporate finance options to businesses. The rich pool of professionals in the company helps businesses by planning the right capitalization and financing structure that suits each unique client.


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Madison Street Named Big Winner

Building a successful business is a challenge in any industry. For companies that operate in the world of corporate finance and investment banking, building a business from the ground up is even more challenging. This is largely because the industry is dominated by organizations with billions of dollars in assets that have been in the business for over 100 years. While getting into the industry can be very hard for a new organization, one successful company has continued to show that it is able to grow and provide amazing service to customers.


The company that continues to be very impressive and grow in the field of corporate finance is Madison Street Capital. Madison Street capital is an investment banking and corporate finance firm that has been in business for only about 20 years. While it is much younger than some of the other companies in its industry, it is continuing to grow on an annual basis. One of the main reasons why it is able to continue to grow is because of the fact that it is able to provide amazing service and results to its clients. It is able to do this because of the amazing talent and experience that the team members have.


While the organization has always had a great reputation with customers and clients, it is continuing to develop a solid reputation with others in the industry as well. This was most evident at the 2017 award ceremony for the investment banking in corporate finance industry. At the 16th Annual M&A Advisor Awards, which were held in November 2017 in New York City, Madison Street Capital was clearly one of the big winners of the night.


While there are many awards that are given out at the banquet, Madison Street Capital maybe one the most prestigious award when they were named the winner of the Debt Financing Deal of the Year. They were able to win the Debt Financing Deal of the Year due to a transaction that they were able to organize for WLR Automotive. Not only was this a large deal that they were able to broker, but the deal was also integral in helping the customer continue to grow its business.


The Debt Financing Deal of the Year award was not the only involvement the firm had at the gala. Madison Street Capital was also named a finalist for both the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year and the Financials Deal of the Year for deals that are under $250 million in size. While they were not able to win either of those other two awards, receiving the nomination was a major marketing tool for the company as they continue to grow.


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