The Academy of Art University: The Leading Privately Owned Art School

The Academy of Art University is a privately owned and operated an art school in San Francisco California, United States. Richard S. Stephens established it as an academy of advertising art in 1929. Currently, it has more than 1154 part-time teaching staff and over 283 full-time teachers. Also, the institution has approximately 11,000 students.

The Academy of Art University claims to be the leading privately operated art and design college in the U.S. The institutional features open institutions and a 100 percent admission acceptance. It is among the largest property owners in the United States with its main campus on New Montgomery Street in the famous South of Market district.

Accreditation and Teaching

The Academy of Art University offers masters, associate and bachelor’s degrees in about 25 subjects as well as some online courses. The university received its regional accreditation in 2007 from Western Association of the Schools and Colleges.

It is an accredited member of the National Association of the Schools of Art and Design. In 2016, approximately seven percent of students completed their 4-year degree within the allocated period. The Academy of Art and Design offers various courses which include Degree and Master of Architecture as well as Degree and Master of Fine Arts.

Shortening the Gap: Advanced Design Sketching

Design educator from Noter Dame University, Hector Silva recently visited The Academy of Art University and San Francisco with his team. He committed to inspire, connect and change the lives of artists. Hector Silva is also committed to reducing the gap between school and professional industry and provides education that will help connect students with professional designers out there.

He requests all the students at the university to work with many people as much as possible and build the relationships that will help them grow. Also, he expects them to work hard and achieve higher levels to be competitive in the ever-evolving market.