Gino Pozzo – Watford FC

Since Childhood Gino Pozzo was born in Udine, Italy living with his mother; while growing up, he had the opportunity of associating with prominent football club starts and leaders including those of Udinese Calcio club. The family line of Gino has been loyal to the Udine Club over the years and since Gino has passion and ambition about football he works hard to maintain and promote the legacy of his family. Gianpaolo is the father of Gino Pozzo and the owner of Udinese football club. He purchased this club in 1986 with his family earnings and profit from various businesses including wood business in Italy. Gino`s family are passionate to make a living through football, and hence they sold their woodworking industry to put more effort and resources to football.

Having graduated from Harvard University, Gino Pozzo moved to Spain precisely in Barcelona but later relocated to London together with his family. He is a father of three hence plays a major role as a father and the owner of Watford a prominent football club of England. It is directed by Scott Duxbury who is the CEO as well as the Chairman of the board, David Fransen and Stuart Timperly as non-executive directors. Peter Wastall is the secretary and working closely with Gino; they can run the company successfully.

While still in London, Gino Pozzo joined the Vicarage Road football club where he was involved with the daily routines of the club. He purchased Watford in 2012 with the aim of making changes and improving the football sector. Watford was struggling to move out of the fourth division. Gino took the initiative as the owner collecting bets and improving the growth and fame of his football club. Gino believes that with long term plans and devotion his club will be leading in the world.

Article Title: Shaquille O’Neal Joins Papa John’s

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Steve Ritchie, the CEO of Papa John’s, was happy to announce that Shaquille O’Neal is now on the board of directors of Papa John’s, and is the new brand ambassador for the pizza chain. Shaquille O’Neal is expected to start appearing in Papa John’s promo material in late 2019.

The partnership sprung from a meeting between the two entrepreneurs. Shaquille O’Neal, who is no stranger to the restaurant business, initially reproached Ritchie because he was interested in investing in a Papa John’s franchise. The deal that they would eventually reach came out to a whooping 8.25 million dollar contract. The deal will be paid as a mix of stock and cash. In addition to his two roles with Papa John’s, O’Neal is also investing in nine stores for his own franchise. Steve Ritchie is confident that having him on the board of directors of Papa John’s will be beneficial to the company.

As a self professed fan of the pizza, Shaquille O’Neal is thrilled to have the opportunity to help Papa John’s move into the future. Shaquille O’Neal is the first black member of the board of directors. As the company looks to build their company culture and diversify Steve Richie thought that he would a perfect fit for Papa Johns, praising both his business acumen and his ability to connect with consumers.

Not one to be confined to the basketball court Shaquille O’Neal has a long history of own restaurants, investment, and business management. He has also been- and is currently- the face of several other famous brands, and frequently appears in commercials.

Steve Ritchie has taken to his position as CEO at Papa John’s and committed to bringing Papa John’s forward from the outside in. Shaquille O’Neal shares this vision for Papa John’s future with Steve Ritchie and is thrilled to be part Papa John’s Pizza.

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Rick Cofer Stands Up for the LGBTQ Community

Austin, Texas is known for standing out, and this is part of what makes it such a unique place to be. Austin is also known for its rich LGBTQ community. Rick Cofer is a big supporter of this community, and he helped to make things happen such as the Halloween ball that benefited the healthcare needs of the LGBTQ community. Rick Cofer Law is a criminal defense attorney who stands up for the LGBTQ community as well as other communities such as the homeless. He is dedicated to helping better the lives of others.

Austin is quite supportive of the LGBTQ community, but there is still a real lack of wellness security. A recent study conducted by the Texas Impact Funds found that there needs to be more done in this area because it is lacking, although it may appear otherwise from a nationwide standpoint. Out of 850 LGBTQ who were interviewed over half were homeless at least at some point in their lives. Although there are clinics that offer help, they tend to be biased, and patients simply do not feel as if they can go there to receive care. If they do go, they often do not receive adequate care in part because they simply cannot disclose their sexual orientation. 77% of the LGBTQ community do not even receive mental health care and many struggle on a daily basis because of it.

According to gazetteday, Texas Health Action is working with the Kind Clinic to change this, and they have been providing their services since May of this year. They are primarily focused on sexual health in addition to other areas of health care and have plans to go forward and to help many others. It is very important for the LGBTQ to have access to this type of care because it helps to eliminate the risk of contracting HIV and it is an effective way to educate about the truths as well as the myths about HIV and how it is contracted.

It is much better to prevent a problem other than to have to find a solution for it and this clinic is an open and welcoming place to the LGBTQ community, so they are much more likely to utilize the services that they offer. The clinic offers both insured as well as uninsured patients and does not see race, sexual orientation, age, or any other defining factors. They also offer low and even free services such as wellness visits, hormone therapy, and much-needed medication. The clinic is a way of bringing about awareness and acceptance of the LGBTQ community as well as helping them to live the lives that they want to which is full of optimism and opportunity.