Heather Parry’s Era at Live Nations Productions

Heather Parry is an experienced and skilled producer who does not shy away from taking up many directing and producing roles thanks to her seasoned expertise in the field. Currently, Heather is the current president of Live Nations Productions as position she assumed in December 2015. Before taking up the job at Live Nations Productions, Heather parry had taken up various positions at different firms within the entertainment industry. Some of Heather’s high-profile positions have been serving at MTV (1993 to 2005), and a stint at Happy Madison Productions (2005 to 1015).

Heather Parry

Heather Parry has taken up significant roles in the production and the directing of several movies and TV productions that have received critical acclaim after hitting the big screen. Some of Heather’s celebrated works include; A Star Is Born (2018) and The Ridiculous 6 (2015). Other than these high-grossing movies, Parry has been involved in various projects, some of which include; Gaga: Five Foot Two (the documentary stars Lady Gaga), Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: A Bad Boy Story (the documentary stars Sean Combs aka Puff Daddy or P. Diddy, Believer (that stars Dan Reynolds). The believer is one of Heather Parry directed documentary that received critical acclaim upon its release. The Believer is a documentary that tells the story one if Imagine Dragon’s member and his relationship to the Mormon Church. The documentary also touches on the Church’s stand on LGBTQ.

Heather Parry’s time at Live Nations Productions has seen her implement various strategies that have been maximizing the company’s events and music festivals that exceed 100. Through utilizing the advertising avenues provided by Live Nation Production’s music festivals, shows, and events, Heather Parry has been able to help the firm meet its advertising needs. Since assuming the president’s role at Live Nations Productions, Parry has been able to diversify the firm’s audience.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar Receives an Award for his Patient Compassionate

Based in Dallas, Texas, Dr. Sameer is a qualified plastic surgeon who is associated with a number of different hospitals among them being Dallas Medical Center as well as Creek Medical Center both of which are in Texas. He studied at the University of Michigan Medical School where he graduated with a medical degree. Dr. Sameer is among the seven doctors at Dallas Medical Centre and among the nine doctors at Pine Creek Medical Center who specialize specifically in plastic surgery. He mainly focuses on repairing or replacing tissues in the body including the skin tissue. He also deals with bone surgery. Dr. Sameer has an experience of more than 10 years in this field.

On a yearly basis in the United States, patients from different places give back feedback about their experiences with the physicians who had been attending to them. In 2013, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar was among the top physicians ranked based on reviews from the patients. He was among the physicians who received the 2012 Compassionate Doctor Certification after being announced by Patient’s Choice. Physicians with good skills who are nearly perfect are the ones who get recognized and honored with the Compassionate Doctor award.

This Compassionate Doctor thing is associated with the Patient’s Choice program where patients from all over are given a chance to rate the doctors and vote for their favorite ones. The 2012 Compassionate Doctor recognition amounted to only 3% of the 870 thousand physicians in the whole country who received the honor. After being accorded with the honor, Dr. Sameer said that he was greatly honored. He was grateful for his patients’ efforts of rating him with positive reviews.

Patients’ Choice is a platform that gives the information about doctors around you who have received awards for having the best patient care and quality expertise. This is where the Compassionate Doctor Certification comes in by honoring the physicians with positive ratings from their patients, and Dr. Sameer happened to be among these physicians. Dr. Sameer is known for his commitment to providing the best care to his patients.


The Passionate Entrepreneur and Business Owner of Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy

Nick Vertucci is a successful entrepreneur and a CEO at the NV real estate Academy; who has a very interesting life. The Academy is fast growing and has been able to put its branches in Nevada and California. From people’s testimonies, many have used the blueprint if success taught at the Academy and they have succeeded. Nick Vertucci is a world-class poker player and has engaged in many of the competitions worldwide besides the top masters in poker. Nick is an author who has written a book on the secrets of success giving people the tips on how to rise to the top using his own blueprint.

Nick’s Background and career

He came from a very humble background. After his father’s death, things were so hard for him. At the age of 18, he started his computer accessory business. In a crisis, he lost everything in his booming computer business. After months of not knowing what to do, he was introduced to a real estate seminar by a friend. His life took a turning point from here.

Nick Vertucci Real Estate

Founded in the year 2014 by Nick Vertucci, the Academy has been recognized as the fastest growing in the industry of giving real estate education. The company has experienced a 259% revenue growth from when it started to the year 2017.

Nick played poker for the first time in 2004 where he became number 8 out of 251 players. He had played with $1500 and garnered $7530. His skill was perfected with the following years as he played on various competition in the world. Poker and real estate may seem very much apart but in the real sense, they are closely related, especially in the investment sense. It jogs up the thinking and ability to make decisions fast.

Having what it takes to succeed

Having succeeded, Nick Vertucci authored a book called ‘Seven Figure Decisions: Having Balls to Succeed’. This book focuses not only on how to get wealthy but also on growth and development. He gives his life histories, failures and successes and invaluable lessons learned. He is passionate about helping people succeed in life. In his book, he gives in details the philosophy behind his success.

According to Nick, real estate is not for those people who are faint-hearted, but those who are strong-willed. One must be able to push past their own fears, have a mindset shift and pursuing one’s goal passionately. Vertucci found a mentor and he underwent a learning period of ten years in the real estate business.

Playing safe does not get anybody anywhere, and certainly not rich. Nick succeeded in taking calculated risks boldly. In his book, he outlines six fundamental principles that form the cornerstone of his success. These principles he explains each of them how he used them successfully. There are other four key steps for one to actually realize their plan. One should be able to visualize it, to believe it, be able to put it down and execute the plan.