Jana Messerschmidt Joins the Lightspeed Venture Partners

Jana Messerschmidt was proud to announce that she had become a part of the Lightspeed Venture Partners. As an investor, Jana Lightspeed has invested in more than 50 startup companies all over the world. She has also participated actively in the growth of companies such as Twitter and Netflix. Among the companies that Jana Lightspeed has invested in are such as Pray, Cameo, Mutiny, Prefer, and Buoyant. Jana Messerschmidt has also invested in the healthcare sector through companies such as Color, Forward, Nurx, and Visla.

About Jana Messerschmidt

Jana Messerschmidt has joined Lightspeed Venture Partners since she was in pursuit of a corporation that would complement her interests, strengths, values, and weaknesses. By joining Lightspeed Venture Partners, Jana Messerschmidt has the opportunity to become an impactful and effective investor. Lightspeed Venture Partners sparked some interest in Jana Messerschmidt since the company has been present for more than two decades and their track record is indisputable.

Some of the factors that influenced Jana Messerschmidt’s decision to join the Lightspeed Venture Partners was the team model. Jana Messerschmidt has friends in the venture sector, and they all talked about how tough it is to adapt to investing when you were used to operating. As for the Lightspeed Venture Partners, the company carries out investments by making sure that investors work in pairs. Working in pairs attracts a team culture and mentality. Most founders are fond of the team model.

Additionally, the mentorship and complementary skills at the Lightspeed Ventures were quite intriguing. Although Jana Messerschmidt has been in the industry for long, by joining the Lightspeed Venture Partners, she would get to learn more about what investing entails. The Lightspeed team also has a group of individuals who are knowledgeable about various industries. As a result, the Lightspeed Venture Partners has invested in diversity. By becoming a part of the Lightspeed Venture Partners, Jana Messerschmidt will get to learn more about the various industries.

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