Steve Ritchie Is A Hard Worker

Steve Ritchie is the newest guy to lead Papa John’s. In 2017, he was promoted CEO of the company after it was decided that the company needed to revamp its image and do better. Steve Ritchie has been working for the company since his early 20s. As per, he made working for Papa John’s into a lifelong career. All of the hard work that he put in resulted in a lucrative career in the company. Some people do not expect to get such lucrative careers when they start out at minimum wage jobs at fast food places, supermarkets and clothing stores. However it is totally possible for such jobs to flower into lucrative careers, and this is definitely something that happened to Steve Ritchie.

For the sake of the company, Steve Ritchie went on a national tour to communicate with the people who work at Papa John’s. He traveled to different Papa John’s franchises across the span of numerous states, trying to figure out the best course of action. Many stories were spoken of by the employees at these locations. Steve Ritchie heard of all kinds of stories regarding interactions with customers. Some interactions were good and some were bad. There were also a lot of anecdotes of philanthropic pursuits that different locations had gotten involved in, as well as charitable pursuits for local communities.

It is without a doubt that all of his experiences from the earlier part in his career helped Steve Ritchie to understand the experiences of the people who he was taking with. As per, about 98% of the people who work in leadership roles for Papa John’s have come from more humbles roles where they have been paid less.

Steve Ritchie Papa John’s was excited to figure that there was a general enthusiasm among all of the workers who he talked to, and that everyone seemed to be passionate about doing their best at working for the organization. The workers are the ones who hold up the organization and interact with the customers that keep Papa John’s in business. Follow Papa John’s on Twitter.


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