Drew Madden vows to tackle deadly inefficiencies within U.S. healthcare markets

Over the last ten years, Drew Madden has become one of the most prominent figures within the U.S. healthcare IT industry. As the president of Nordic Consulting Partners, Madden was able to grow that organization from a tiny startup firm into one of the largest and most important healthcare consultancies in the United States. Today, Nordic has more than 750 employees and serves more than 150 of the largest hospitals and healthcare conglomerates in the nation.

But Madden’s true passion has never been about being the biggest, best or most successful. Whenever Madden speaks on the issues facing the U.S. healthcare system, one can’t help but notice the passion that shines through when he begins talking about the total reformation of U.S. healthcare and the benefits that having an efficient, functional healthcare system will confer on everyday Americans.

It was for this reason that in 2017, Madden decided to found Evergreen Healthcare Partners, a healthcare IT consulting firm that is dedicated to eliminating waste and inefficiency within the U.S. healthcare system. Madden says that one of his firm’s most pressing goals will be to help improve the patient experience through increasing market intelligence available to all patients throughout the country.

Madden explains that almost all industries have been revolutionized by apps and web-based tools through which average customers can gain precise and important knowledge on the state of the market. He uses restaurants as an example. Madden says that people can now gain vast reams of information on the cost of a meal out around their locale, seeing the prices, locations and ratings for every conceivable variety of restaurant. This, says Drew Madden, allows the consumer to make highly informed decisions about what they would like to eat, leading to much improved customer satisfaction and generally lower food costs.

But Madden says that the same thing is virtually nonexistent in the medical world. He cites examples where a given surgery costs $30,000 in one facility and $70,000, for precisely the same surgery, just a few miles away. Madden says that the elimination of these kinds of gross inefficiencies will go a long way towards reducing the exorbitance of U.S. healthcare.

The Chainsmokers Reveal Their Inner Process

The Chainsmokers are an American DJ and production duo, made up by Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. The Chainsmokers first formed in 2012, and they haven’t stopped making music since then. They made their breakthrough into the music world in 2014 with their hit single #Selfie. In 2015, they released their debut EP Bouquet, featuring the single Roses. Since then they have achieved several hit song. Don’t Let Me Down was their first top 5 single, and their first song to win a Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording. Closer was their first number one single.

Beyond their first Grammy Award, The Chainsmokers have also won several other awards for their music. They have won two American Music Awards and five iHeart Radio Awards. Their second EP Collage was released in November 2016, and their very first debut album, Memories… Do Not Open, came out in April of 2017.

Recently they were asked what the anatomy of a hit song truly was. With so many under their belts, they must be experts on the idea. According to their latest hit, Somebody, a lot of modular synth, and vocals pitched up a bit are what goes into the songs that make our worlds turn.

To answer the questions of how they create their music, The Chainsmokers decided to release a short video of their inside of their studio. This video details how they made Somebody. A lot of it has to do with messing around on a keyboard until they find something that sounds right, but it also involves a normal piano too. They even use their phones to record vocals, and then upload them onto their laptop to edit.

On their laptops they combine all their recorded pieces to edit into the song. They use this program to pitch up vocals, synthesize music, and mix the tracks into what we hear today. Despite how easy Somebody sounds to listen to, a lot of work went into creating the song. Since releasing this short clip, The Chainsmokers have already promised a more intense and longer tutorial on their music making process.


Michael Lacey, an Outstanding Mathematician

Michael Lacey has gained a great reputation for his notable contributions in education, with his major focus being mathematics. Over the years, Michael has successfully solved complex mathematical problems and he has also guided students on the latter. His admirable educational background has also served as one of the bases for his major successes and he is a proud Ph.D. holder from the University of Illinois. Michael has always had a passion towards mathematics and his ability to showcase vast knowledge in the field was noted while he was still a student and his lecturers gave him respect and encouragement. Besides, Michael was also termed as a mathematician scholar by his classmates and many respected him for his impeccable skills.


Additionally, Michael has been involved in a considerable number of researchers and he emerged victorious when he supported his research on probability under Banach Spaces. He has also solved numerous mathematical problems, with the law of the iterated logarithm being one of his major focuses. In his research, Michael explained the magnitude of fluctuations of a random walk.


Michael started his career as a part-time lecturer at the Minnesota University as a lecturer and he has also held many other positions in other universities. Michael is currently a lecturer at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He has shown a great dedication towards helping young people achieves their dreams and he has also guided them on the various tactics they can adapt to handle complex equations in mathematics.


Besides, Michael is also a motivational speaker and through the various speeches he offers, he has helped many people handle their live problems easily. He is an inspiration to many people and he has also received numerous awards for his notable contributions to the educational sector. Guggenheim and the Simons Foundations awards are among the many awards he has received. Besides, Michael is also a publisher and he has written and published many books that have guided people on how to handle serious mathematical problems. He also focuses on working together with his students to bring out the best from their efforts and his ability to offer detailed explanations in the filed have attracted many students to the university.