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Sahm Adrangi is an exceptional individual as well as an industry-leading market analyst in the investment field. With years of experience and practice under his belt, Adrangi has had long-lasting and tangible effects on the industry by way of comprehensive market research and future-proof predictions. Over the course of his career, Adrangi has made a name for himself as being among the most trusted and insightful investors in the field. Through his peer-reviewed market research and short selling, Adrangi’s mastery of investment has yielded nearly unrivalled success for both himself and his companies, and

Among Adrangi’s many different undertakings, Kerrisdale Capital comes to mind as both the most renowned and most successful. The investment firm, which was founded by Adrangi, has seen enormous success in market research and evaluations, proving itself as one of the most trustworthy investment firms in the greater New York City area. That in mind, it’s hardly surprising to learn that Sahm Adrangi has been leading the firm as its Chief Investment Officer since its inception. Without question, the companies continued success can be attributed to Adrangi’s hand guiding the operation.

While Adrangi’s work as Kerrisdale Capital’s founder and leader is laudable, it is far from his only accolade. Adrangi’s expertise reaches into a multitude of other fields, as well. Hedge funds, equities, financial modelling, restructuring, mutual funds, capital markets, and several other ventures all sit neatly as feathers in Adrangi’s cap. Practised, wise, and capable, Sahm Adrangi has proven that with hard work and determination, investment and its associated workings are perfectly conquerable, and what Sahm Adrangi knows.

Adrangi’s list of boons is longer still, however. A practised philanthropist and public speaker, Adrangi has delivered speeches and lectures at universities across the United States, as well as Europe and Asia. Having donated thousands upon thousands of dollars to just as many charities, Adrangi has proven himself no stranger to humanitarian work as well. All in all, Sahm Adrangi’s lifetime of experience, knowledge, and good deeds have proven him an exceptional professional, leader, and human being, and Sahm Adrangi on Facebook.

DeVoses Devoted to Grand Rapids

Dedicated to improving the cultural and educational aspects of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Dick and Betty Devos have devoted more than $138.7 million dollars to nonprofit organizations and civic groups over the last 25 years. Leadership programs, health and human services, churches, arts and culture programs, and educational advocacy groups have all been recipients of their generous donations.


Dick was the CEO of Amway, his family’s business, from 1993 to 2002. During this time, he developed a significant clout among business associates in the Grand Rapids area allowing his charitable nature combined with his business sense to pave the way for cultural and educational facilities such as the DeVos Performance Hall, DeVos Place Convention Center and the medical school at Michigan State University.


As a life-long pilot licensed to fly single engine planes and helicopters, Dick’s charitable giving also contributed to the aspect of flight. Along with Betty, he founded a charter school at the airport in Grand Rapids aimed at teaching flight while focusing heavily on engineering, science and math. In addition to an educational institution, Dick was instrumental in helping to expand the services and facility of the actual airport. He helped secure Southwest Airlines as a carrier offering flights out of the Grand Rapids airport, which led to lower airfares for passengers and increased the number of passengers using the airport each year. In fact, Southwest Airlines added additional routes based on the passenger growth after opening in Grand Rapids.


Due to his aviation background and commitment to expanding aviation’s breadth, Dick was appointed to serve on a civilian advisory board for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in September 2017. The board, which consists of 13 members each serving a three-year term, provides advice and feedback for the FAA in terms of strategic planning, aviation policies and overall spending for the organization.


While her husband has been committed to the aviation field and educational opportunities within it, Betty has continued to champion educational reform as well. While voters in Michigan failed to pass legislation that would create private school vouchers funded by tax payers, her efforts in other locations across the country have resulted in 24 states providing children with this opportunity. In recognition of her work in education, she was nominated as Secretary of Education by President Donald Trump in 2016.


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