The CEO of CP+B Lori Seneral career path

Lori Seneral is said to be departing from her role as the CEO of the CP+B at the end of this year. Seneral said that they had already sketched her departure when she joined the team in March 2015 with CP+B chairman Chuck Porter. The reason why Lori Seneral was brought to the team was that she had management skill and the strength she has in the organization according to Porter. Bringing her to the shop has paid off because since she joined they have never lost any client, but since then the number of the client has since increased. The company has expanded the global presence that it has now and gained global wins like the American Airlines. The communication structure that it has now has worked well for the company and it’s all because of Lori Seneral. Check out Adweek to see more.

In the role that Lori has in the CP+B she will be responsible for overseeing the growth of the company, and since the company, as over ten offices she will help in the coordination of them all. Since she joined the company, there has been a high impact that she has made to the company that’s so evident. She has the leadership skills that needed and pays attention to the talents that her team has. Before she joined the CB+P, she had a position at the KBS as the CEO. For more details visit Crunchbase. Under her management, the KBS Company grew to 900 people from the 250 domestic agencies, and that’s worldwide. It even got recognition from the Crain’s as one of the best places that anyone can work in NYC. Prior to joining KBS, Lori worked as the president of the flagship New York. Check out Campaignlive to see more. In 2014, she was named as the “woman to watch.” But previously in 2013, she was given the honor of the Game Changer Award from the Quantum Leap because of her leadership and innovation skills. She was among the directors of the Ad Council Board. She believes that what has helped her a lot in her career is that it does not matter where an idea comes from as long as it’s the best idea. If the idea creates a momentum for the clients, and it changes the cultures, then they will move forward with it.

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Is Doe Deere The Defining Millennial Entrepreneur?

Doe Deere has made Lime Crime a household name despite all of the odds against her. This isn’t something to take lightly or think nothing of. Millennials have been known as the industry killing generation, but it seems as if Deere has actually paved the way to create some of the most important market breakthroughs around. We now live in a world where people buy their makeup online and where we have an endless selection to choose from. It’s no surprise that she’s managed to make herself one of the most prominent success stories around with Lime Crime, but it’s more important to understand how she made herself the symbol of Millennial entrepreneurial spirit.



An Experiment In Color


Doe Deere’s cosmetics are an experiment in color. She understands just how amazing colorful makeup can be and she wants her fans to see for themselves. This is why her brand is always pushing entirely new ideas with every new release. This makeup is intended to be more than a commercial grab. It’s an effort to make art and give the world a way to experience that art for themselves.



A Brand With A Consciousness


The most amazing thing about Lime Crime is that Deere has made sure to give this brand a sense of responsibility. Whenever you purchase Lime Crime products, you are guaranteed that none of them contain any animal byproducts. She is a firm believer in animal welfare and does just about everything to make sure she delivers on her beliefs. She wants to give her fans more than a product and she wants to do more than make money. Lime Crime is her personal attempt to change something in the world she believes needs to be changed in her own way.



She Isn’t Finished


It’s important to understand that the success of Doe Deere isn’t going to end any time soon. She wants to turn this into something even greater with her plans to expand well beyond the traditional borders of cosmetics. One example of this expansion is her outreach to young women looking to create their own business. Many people want to enter cosmetics, but without proper guidance they will not be able to create a prosperous company. She understands what women need to do to create their own business and she plans on helping every girl find a way to learn that too. Learn more:


Philanthropy And Investing Become The Focus For Dick DeVos

Born Richard DeVos Jr. but better known as Dick DeVos the success achieved by this entrepreneur and philanthropist has impressed me for many years after the billionaire embarked upon a series of high-profile public office postings. The aspects of the life of Dick DeVos which have impressed me the most include his bold decision in 1989 to leave the comfort of the family business of the AmWay group to establish his own company, The Windquest Group, The New Netherlands Institute reports; Dick had already proven himself to observers of the AmWay Group by ensuring his first appointment to an executive level position in 1984 established the overseas sales department as the leading producer of revenue for the company founded by his father.


On a personal level, I believe Dick DeVos has achieved much more than just turning around the AmWay Group and making it the sales juggernaut it remains in the 21st-century; in my opinion, Dick DeVos has been looking for the best way of helping families across Michigan and the U.S. in bringing education into the 21st-century from its current roots in the last decades of the 20th-century. At the height of his work to develop the AmWay Group into one of the leading sales companies in the world, Dick DeVos was also running a campaign for Governor of Michigan and was elected to the Michigan Board of Public School Education. The reform of education has been an impressive part of the life of Dick DeVos and his wife, Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos; I have always valued the financial contributions made by Dick DeVos to the Potter’s House Christian School of Grand Rapids, Michigan which has continued across a number of decades to aid low-income families in achieving a top education for their children.


In an interview with Philanthropy Roundtable conducted by Betsy DeVos, the conversation turned to Dick DeVos in a way which shows the impressive way the pair have become integral to the growth of the education reform movement. In a bid to bring his own love of flying and aviation to students who had begun expressing an interest in this area of education, Dick DeVos established the West Michigan Aviation Academy charter school to act as a standard-bearer for the use of charter schools as an impressive option for states across the U.S.


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Louis Chenevert’s Accomplishments as UTC’s CEO

Louis Chenevert remains one of the most accomplished executive leaders at United Technologies Corporation (UTC). Under his leadership, the company maintained a steady growth. The visionary leader formulated innovative business strategies that helped the company to have a competitive edge in the industry. At UTC, Chenevert served as the chairman and chief executive officer.

Mr. Chenevert was born in Canada where he pursued both his primary and high school education. He enrolled for a bachelor’s degree in production management at the University of Montreal’s Business School. This degree provided him with adequate knowledge that he needed to flourish in the field of technology. He first worked for General Motors’ St. Therese Production as the division’s general manager. After working for the company for 14 years, he joined Pratt & Whitney, one of UTC’s business units. After rendering his services for six years at the company, Louis was elected as the president of the company’s Canadian division. His excellent contribution to the division earned resulted in his appointment as the president and CEO of UTC.

Less than a year after becoming the president and CEO of the $100 billion conglomerate, Louis began negotiating a deal that would see the company acquire Goodrich. The negotiations took almost a year. When it was finalized, the leaders of the two companies agreed on a deal of $14.8 million. Today, Goodrich is one of UTC’s business units.

After the acquisition of Goodrich, Chenevert diverted his attention to enhancing the quality of staff at UTC. He believed that for a company to succeed, it must invest both in technology and its people. As a leader of UTC, Chenevert took it upon himself to ensure the success of the campaign. He wanted everyone in the company to work towards leaving it a better place than they found it.

Chenevert’s commitment to augmenting the knowledge base of his staff saw him initiate UTC’s employee Scholar Program. The program paid fees for the company’s employees who decided to enhance their education. According to official data, over 40,000 UTC employees have benefited from the program. The company spent over $1 billion to educate its employees in the United States alone.

The Journey that Securus has taken to become the best in Inmate Telecommunication

Securus Technologies has been around for the past three decades. They are the most successful company in the provision of communication solutions to the inmates. In the three decades that they have been working with the correctional facilities, they have managed to transform the management of communication services within the cells and correctional facilities. As a result of their wide range of services, it is now possible to keep in touch with people in the correctional facilities, and you do not need to break the bank to make it happen.


The company was established in 1986. They have their headquarters in Carrollton, Texas. The company has been operating for the past three decades and during this time; they have spread their influence to more than 200 correctional facilities across the country. They have come up with a variety of services which fit the needs of their customers. The first of these services is the traditional post-paid telephone service. The service allows subscribers to talk to their loved one and get billed by the end of the month. There is also the inmate debit plan. Here, the inmate creates an account with the company, and they are allowed to talk to their loved ones as long as there are funds in the account.


The other service which they provide is video calling and monitoring services. They aim to ensure that maximum security and safety is upheld in the correctional facilities. The video conferencing facility makes it possible for the inmates to communicate with their loved ones face to face regardless of their location. These and much more are the services which are offered by Securus. You can access their services by merely getting onto their website and creating an account with them. You will be guided through the process of getting an account, and you can start communicating immediately.