Boraie Continues On Its Positive Strategic Course

At the same time real estate markets in New Jersey undergo the highest rates of residential mortgages in foreclosure, positive trends are likely and many towns are preparing for future development.

Lawrence Yun, the Realtor Chief Economist at the National Association of Realtors, said in a story, found at, the market in New Jersey could undoubtedly worsen as housing deficiencies are expected to build up, along with the home shortages for auctions and the quickness of putting newly built homes up for sale.

Contrary to Yun’s reflection, real estate firm Zillow and trade and industry reports, observe many homeowners are looking ahead to improved selling conditions and have restrained from putting their vacant homes on the market as they expect increased gains.

One recent trend in New Jersey’s real estate market has been the boost in prices among

towns close to transit stations, which continues to pull in prospective home buyers. Another trend will involve establishing jobs that will by and large bring about not only housing demands but lower house prices that will lead to more homes coming on the market.

In addition, as mortgage rates continue to stay moderately low, mortgages will be more easily obtainable.

According to the Central Jersey Working Moms blog, one of the most recognized and respected real estate development companies in New Jersey; Boraie Development has played a part in the market for more than three decades.

Working to increase demand for housing properties and having worked with many different areas of New Jersey, Boraie focuses on projects that will appeal not only to residents and tenants but also to economic partners who will continue to participate in a lasting working affiliation.

Sam Boraie makes use of private sources of funding, such as commercial banks, for its projects. The company provides an array of services focused on all areas of the urban market that take in property management, property development, advertising and sales. Boraie also provides accounting, leasing and maintenance services.

Omar Boraie, who launched, is joined in his vision by his sons, Waseem and Sam and his daughter, Hiam. Boraie’s vision initially focused on the Atlantic City area and quickly evolved to include the cities of Newark, New Brunswick and more.

Headquartered in New Brunswick, the privately-held firm reportedly generates more than $10 million in annual revenues. Visit the website

George Soros, The Multibillionaire Philanthropist

George Soros a multi-billionaire, whose current net worth is 25.2 billion dollars, was born to a Jewish family in Hungary. He survived the Nazi Germans occupation of Hungary and moved to England putting himself through school. He joined the London School of Economics and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree ( 1951) and a Master’s Degree ( 1954) in Philosophy. He worked as a waiter and a railway potter. He later got a job at a merchant bank. According to Forbes, he founded his own Hedge fund in the year 1969 with 12 million dollars in New York which later was renamed Quantum fund. Through the years Soros has remained a heavy investor. He employed Fitzpatrick as Soros Fund Management’s Chief Investment Officer (C.I.O). He was named number 1 out of 20 in LCH investments list, having incurred 42 billion dollars as profits since the foundation of his quantum fund in 1973 and read full article.

Soros, a long time supporter of liberal causes, has contributed more than 25 million dollars to support democratic candidates. He is one of the sponsors of Hilary Clinton with complete faith in her. According to Politico, he and several other donors have backed Clinton providing her with all the financial requirements for her campaign, thus, helping her dwarf her opponents. Soros had donated 7 million dollars by end June to Priorities USA Action, a PAC which supports Clinton. He has also donated 3 million dollars to Immigrant Voters Win a PAC whose main agenda is to persuade people from areas with low voting capacity, to turn out and vote.

According to Politico, he has donated more than 13 billion dollars to non-profit organizations that stand up for human rights, increase accessibility to health care and education in the United States and the world and outline the democratic process in eastern Europe. His Website, And he formally helped in launching The Democracy Alliance, a club whose main aim is to push money away from candidates and groups serving short-term political agendas and support those with long-term political agendas ( like the improvement of infrastructure, research on important issues like climate change and income inequality) outside of the Democratic Party and what George knows.

Soros has been an active philanthropist since the 70’s when he started donating money to black students in South Africa to attend the University of Cape Town. He has also spent over 100 million dollars on the improvement of internet infrastructure in different Russian universities and 50 million dollars to organizations that eradicate intense poverty in Africa, provide education and accessibility to health care. He has donated millions of dollars to organizations and schools in all parts of the world not only to help people afford basic needs but also help end violence in different countries of the world and George’s lacrosse camp.

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Omar Yunes: Franchise Owner and Big Winner

Omar Yunes is a businessman and entrepreneur who is known for the numerous different franchising endeavors that he has taken on. When he was just 21, Omar Yunes became a franchise owner at Sushi Itto, which is a popular Japanese fast food chain. The company was known to be one of the fastest growing fast food places in the entire country, and Omar Yunes was a big part of that. Today, Omar Yunes owns around thirteen Sushi Itto restaurants, all of which are in extremely prominent locations. That makes a total of ten percent of the total outlets of the Japanese fast food place in the entire country. Owing these many outlets has been an incredible feat for someone of his age, but what is even more astonishing is the way that he runs each and every one of his outlets and more information click here.

Omar Yunes is known to bring business ideas to life when it comes to Sushi Itto. He is a businessman and entrepreneur at heart and knows all that it takes to be a successful franchise owner. But even so, just knowing this does not get Omar Yunes anywhere, his implementation is the thing that does. Omar Yunes has been a brilliant boss to all the people working at the numerous Sushi Itto outlets all over the world. Today, Omar Yunes is the head boss of over four hundred employees who is all stationed at Sushi Itto outlets that are located throughout the entire country and what Omar Yunes knows.

Because of his incredible efforts at making his outlets the ones that they are today, he has been awarded numerous times for his efforts. Most recently, Omar Yunes was the recipient of an award called the Best Franchisee of the World. He was awarded this as a part of the Franchisees of the World organization which is one that pays attention to franchise owners who have contributed to the incredible amount of effort and dedication that they have put in to ensure the success of their outlets. Omar Yunes was one of the only people in the entire competition to come from the country of Mexico, a fact that he is brilliantly proud of and Omar Yunes’s lacrosse camp.

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George Soros, a philanthropist who studies market trends

In 1930, a respectable and famous philanthropist was born in Hungary. He was named George Soros by his parents. George later moved to England when he was 17 years old to seek education at the London School of Economics. In order to support his education, he had to work two jobs. After he was done with his studies, he moved to New York to start a career in Wall Street. During his time in New York, he managed to establish his own hedge fund which was worth 25 billion dollars. The Quantum Fund was known as the Double Edge before it was rebranded.

Soros began the Open Society Institute before the mid-1980s and aimed towards opening up a network to exchange ideas between Europe and other parts. With 3 million dollars, he kick-started the business. He has educated students from poor and oppressed backgrounds. He has also gone a step further and written books on investment and business opportunities. He guides his readers through his experience in economics, politics, societies that are open and globalization and his Website.

George Soros has since donated over 12 billion dollars to support accountability, transparency and the freedom of expression. Individuals and Organizations that stand for any form of equality and fights for justice can be a beneficiary of this funds. Discrimination is a sensitive topic and one that George holds dearly. He has supported projects that stand for this form of justice. Some of the things he has stood for include drug users, sex workers and Roma people in Europe and learn more about George.

Aside from giving to philanthropic deeds, he has also been a huge supporter of political figures. Hillary Clinton who was Donald Trump’s opponent was a beneficiary of the funding from George Soros. George had envisioned the success of Hillary Clinton when he resurfaced after more than a decade. He contributes a sum above twenty-five million dollars to assist Hillary and other Democrats in their political campaigns and agendas. George was going to attend the Democratic Convention as a supporter but he, unfortunately, had to cancel as he was forced to keep a keen eye on the economic situation in Europe at the time. Out of the money he donated, seven million was used for campaigns by Hillary. The Immigrant Voters Win was also a beneficiary of five million dollars to support in making sure Hispanic voters showed up to cast their votes and read full article.

Soros has injected a sum of five hundred million dollars to help in the growth of businesses that support refugees. He is a firm believer in equality and integrating immigrants and refugees into the society. George Soros is among the richest group of people worldwide with a net worth of over twenty-five billion dollars. He is the chairman of his company, Soros Fund Management, founded in 1970. He began this company by using the earnings from his other company Double Eagle and movie produced by George Soros.

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How George Soros is Fighting for America Against Trump’s Regime

The American political scene is undergoing tremendous change in a variety of different ways. We can look at the 2016 Presidential Election as one of the few moments in recent history that is going to be defining in its longevity of effect. The election campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were defining moments in American politics and the fact that Donald Trump won, despite a host of controversies, will be remembered by a lot of people for years to come. However, this isn’t the most important thing that happened during the 2016 election season. The return of George Soros, a noted philanthropist and progressive, will be the most important and far reaching effect of the election cycle and learn more about George.

George Soros was born in Hungary. As a Hungarian born Jew he was there when the Nazis came in to occupy the country in 1944. Having seen those horrors up close and being one of the lucky ones to survive, Soros would never forget it. Over the year long occupation nearly half of a million Hungarian born Jews would end up senselessly murdered. The Soros family would help countless Jews escape the country before they themselves were forced to flee into London. In London Soros would become a self made man, working two jobs in order to attend higher education at the London School of Economics. Here he would learn the ins and outs of the works of Karl Popper including his concept of an Open World. These would be hugely important upon Soros’ turn to America and more information click here.

In America Soros has spent the majority of his life establishing himself as one of the most prominent progressive figures around. Through his work with the Open Society Foundation and his support of Democratic and progressive politicians, Soros would rise up the ranks of notability. Soros would have a true coming out party in 2016 as he made his name known to a broader audience for his support of progressives in the face of Donald Trump’s vicious, violent, and bigoted campaign. George Soros would come out and support Hillary Clinton in her campaign to the tune of nearly $7 million in donations to Pro-Clinton PACs. Soros would also donate an additional $20 million to other political action committees that supported the same things he was in favor of including: immigrant rights, gerrymandering, and fundamental access to the right to vote and George’s lacrosse camp.

George Soros had spent the years leading up to the 2016 campaign trying to stay out of politics but he found Donald Trump too caustic to ignore. Soros knew that the stakes were too high and the had to make a difference or else he would regret it. Now, Soros is setting himself up to be a strong opponent to Donald Trump for years to come and follow his Twitter.

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Cosmetic Entrepreneur Doe Deere Gives Away The Keys To Success To The French Tribune Online

Doe Deere, marketing analyst, technology expert, and cosmetic designer to name a few has the competitive drive to succeed in a mainstream cosmetic industry. In a recent French Tribune article, Deere, was able to tell their readers the keys to success and longevity. She admits her idea of colors was not always a favorite among her peers, but her certification and the creation of Lime Crime cosmetics changed their minds. In fact, to be successful it involves taking risk and she was not intimidated by being one of the first to use the velvetine matte/super-foil base for her cosmetics. Learn more:


Deere, encourages her wearers to find out what their successful at doing and hone in on their talent with a flame for dedication and hard work. She admits to their readers at the French Tribune, saying, you have to be dedicated to something that you love doing or it will be hard to make it work. Deere says, you should never set your business ideas outside of something you enjoy doing. You’re focus should be on something you enjoy creating, branding, selling, or creating. Your success lies in the level of your dedication to your successful entrepreneurship and you have to own your talent.


LC cosmetics are designed to give her users a new look or to help build confidence in the original you. Her line of cosmetics is well known for being safe for all skin types and completely hypoallergenic. Her love for animals means should could only market products that were cruelty-free. Enjoy a line of cosmetics that blend well with your skin tone and are water-proof for all day coverage. You never have to worry about multiple trips to the ladies room for reapplications when your out with that special someone and trying to make a good impression.


Deere, has also expanded on her talent with a new lipstick collection that is a sensation among her Instagram users. The new Scandal purple-violet hue is a must have for young adults and casual professionals. She dares her clients to rebuild their talents constantly with new ideas, as the keys to success. The Scandal line is launched under the LC name as its own unique color. You’ll find Lime Crime products exclusively packaged in trendy containers that are easy to find in the bottom of your cluttered purse. Take charge of a new hairdo, outfit, or mood with cool colors like Lemon Drop and Purple Sorbet.


You can share you creative Lime Crime ideas by uploading your experience on YouTube. Their products encourage you to share ways to mix, match, blend, and be creative with their products. Other users around the world have also posted tutorials which are free for their users to view. Become a brand you new with bold bright colors or use the amazing Lime Crime cosmetic line to build on your current look. You’re invited to visit their easy to read and navigate website for more free shipping and promotional offers for Lime Crime products today. Learn more: