Eric Lefkosky the Anti-Cancer Tech Guru

The number of people likely to suffer from cancer in the present world is continually growing. Many medical and advanced technological institutions have come up in an attempt to control the rising cases of cancer. A good example is the Tempus Company which uses advanced technological gadgets to battle the killer disease.

Tempus developed software to help in the management of medical information and general progress of cancer patients. They came up with natural language recognition software that is much more reliable than notes made by Doctors. Where genomic sequencing is involved, Tempus has helped promote the use of human molecular methods in fighting against cancer since genes provide hints on the most suitable treatment methods. As far as the future is concerned, Tempus’ primary objective is to ensure that patient information is readily available and equipped enough to assist doctors in determining the most suitable and tacit treatment methods for specific patients.

Eric Lefkosky is an accomplished tech personality in Chicago. Eric is the current CEO of Tempus Company which he helped in founding. Mr. Lefkosky is also well known as an entrepreneur founding different ventures such as Echo Global Logistics, Innerworkings, Media ocean among others. Eric Lefkosky has also been part of well-known companies such as Groupon, Uptake Technologies, and Lightbank.

Mr. Eric is a recognized philanthropist in Michigan. Eric and his family have made huge donations to assist in cancer research; this includes in universities such as Stanford University and Michigan University. Eric Lefkosky also began a foundation with his wife to impact lives and assist in the fight against cancer. The Lefskosky foundation has also greatly helped children. Through Tempus Eric has helped come up with individual molecular maps through which people can be supported to survive cancer. The costs for this genetic sequencing in cancer treatment have also been reduced to help make the treatment available to people all over the world and learn more about Eric.

Eric Lefkosky was born in Southfield Michigan 1969 where he spent most of his childhood but later moved to Chicago. He studied medicine at the University of Michigan where he graduated with honors and afterward a Juris Doctor. Eric has been in the tech scene for years now and has grown into a fearless businessperson and philanthropist and more information click here.

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Aloha Construction: The Leading Home Repair Company

Having a place to call home is the best thing you can have. It is the wish of everybody to have their own houses. However, having a home does not just stop at that. You need to have a good home that is attractive and pleasant to live in. Just like other belongings, houses are subject to the elements of wear and tear. To ensure that your home stays in shape, you can entrust Aloha Construction in its repair.

Aloha Construction is a professional home repair company that prides itself with clean and cost effective home repair solutions. Just like its motto “We Reign When it Storms” suggests you can be sure to get the best services from Aloha Construction that will guarantee you a haven from the harsh elements of nature as well as a beautiful home regardless of the passage of time.

Having been in operation for over a decade, the company has helped thousands of people in Illinois and Wisconsin with home repairs. As a reflection of their commitment to this important endeavor, Aloha Construction has closed over eighteen thousand home repair projects since it was founded as a family business.

Success of the company is derived from the commitment of its CEO Mr. Dave Farbaky who works tirelessly in ensuring that the company Aloha Construction has experienced repair experts who can offer top-notch services to their clients. As an appreciation to the society, the company through the Dave Farbaky Foundation engages itself in different philanthropic activities.

The company’s services range from roofing services, guttering, home siding, replacement and installation of windows and doors among others. Aloha Construction’s offices are situated in Lake Zurich, and Bloomington and their services are available in most counties in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin.

To ensure that no one is left out, the company has partnered with Syncrony Financial who advances financing to people to enable them to cover their repair costs. As part of their expansion strategy, the company launched its subsidiary, Aloha Restoration in 2017.

About Aloha Restoration
Based in Lake Zurich, Illinois the company specializes in extraction and restoration of water, fire remediation, and general home remodeling. Speaking during the launch of Aloha Restoration, Dave Farbaky said that the industry they operate in is all about making people feel secure and comfortable and that is why they have taken a step to launch the new company that will see that they are restored promptly.

Karl Heideck Shows You How To Protect Your Small Business By Complying With Employment Law

Karl Heideck is an experienced attorney and author based in Jenkintown, Philadelphia. He has a strong focus on circumstances involving litigation, compliance and risk management.

He enjoys breaking down various parts of the law into a language palatable by the average layman. This time, Karl Heideck wants you to protect your small business. You can do this by ensuring you comply with employment regulations that apply to Pennsylvania.

Your employees enjoy protections under the Fair Labor Standards Act. The law provides guidelines on areas such as minimum wage, overtime and number of hours worked. Additionally, the law gives the business owner the responsibility of creating awareness about the law among your employees. You are required to post the guidelines at a conspicuous public place at the business location. Remember, with most instances, state law precedes federal law.

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Your business is also subject to the Family and Medical Leave Act. Under the act, employees are entitled to time off to attend to family situations and medical needs. The law articulates the unique circumstances under which your employees may take this leave. You are permitted to treat this leave as unpaid. You are not allowed to penalize it in any way.

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act protects the elderly employees from age-related discrimination. It ensures they get the same treatment and benefits as their younger counterparts. The biggest beneficiaries are workers in government agencies and contractor firms.

It is imperative to classify your employees correctly for their social security tax. This is paid to the federal government through the IRS. You should deduct the tax from your full-time employees. It is also key to comply with the unemployment contribution framework in your state.

In 2003, Karl Heideck graduated from Swarthmore College. He then went on to obtain a law degree from Temple University in 2009. He has previously served in various law firms such as Pepper Hamilton and Conrad O’Brien. Karl Heideck is currently serving as a Contract Attorney of Hire Counsel. This is a company that is at the forefront of supporting the new legal economy. It provides revolutionary service solutions to law firms, corporates, and public agencies.

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How Fabletics Uses a Customer Driven Marketing Technique to Keep on Increasing its Customer-base

It’s only 4 years since Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler teamed up to start Fabletics. But the company has already managed to become a formidable force in the fashion landscape; raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars in terms of profit, annually. What’s the secret?


Well, the customer-driven marketing strategy employed—that seems to be Kate Hudson’s biggest trade secret and the reason behind Fabletic’s success.


Otherwise labeled as the “power of the crowd” or “customer driven marketing technique,” Kate seems to understand how much people make their decision to buy any given product online based on other customers’ opinions and feedbacks. That explains why review-centric marketing strategies have become so popular over the past few years.


While almost all marketers would have been quick to run for the standard, run-on-the-mill digital marketing strategies such as Google Adwords, sponsored social media content, banner ads, or SEO, Kate settled for something completely off the wall and ignored the rest. Although she recently started posting sponsored stories on both Facebook and Instagram, her marketing strategy, for the most part, revolves around consumer reviews, price comparisons, helpful guides and social sharing.


On the subject of useful guides, she tries to walk potential customers through her VIP section by painting a clear picture of how everything operates. She has the technique integrated with a fit quiz, whose results automatically generate tailored outfits based on her customers’ tastes and preferences.


The official Fabletic’s website is also designed with a price comparison section, where Kate uses a chart to compare the price they charge with what’s being charged by her competitors. But that’s NOT where it all ends; she has to make her customers understand that the price would be further sliced down should they opt for VIP membership.


Now the meaty part of her marketing strategy is with the customer’s reviews section. Here, Kate has an entire page dedicated to displaying consumer reviews in terms of quality, the customer service they received and their shopping experience, as well. This section comes with social share buttons that customers can use to encourage the people they know to come and sign up with Fabletics. Members get a $10 credit for every successful referral they make.


This technique counters the issue of trust. Unlike traditional forms of marketing and advertising, people find it easy to trust the feedback they get from other random users of the product being sold. Smart brands understand this one very simple, but important concept and wouldn’t as such hesitate to leverage it.

Lori Senecal Gives Valuable Advice On How To Achieve Effective Marketing Campaigns

Social media has disrupted traditional forms of advertising. One of the reasons as to why the popularity of social media marketing is on an upward trajectory is because, with social media, companies can reach target audiences. Also, social media enables enterprises to communicate directly to consumers and get feedback. Digital platforms have accelerated the growth of different advertisement styles. Today, any company that is not keen on establishing a social media presence might as well be headed into obscurity.

According to Adage, one of the leading experts in advertising, Lori Senecal, social media marketing is not as clear as black and white. What is available are guidelines on the best practices when one intends to run a social media marketing campaign. These steps will help put any marketing campaign on the path to success.

What does one need to do to achieve an effective marketing on social media?

Anyone with intentions of running an advertisement campaign on social media needs to have clear goals. You need to know why you are running the ad, what you want to achieve and what you should first. You need to establish whether you need to increase your audience first or if you have a sizeable audience which product should market.

The second step in achieving an effective ad should include a plan. As a marketer, you need to design a well-thought plan on how you intend to make your campaign. The plan should be broken down into clear steps like when you should post, how frequent should you post, what should form your ad and how you should respond to inquiries. Visit Behance for more info.

The third process should involve the actual process of creating the ad. The ad should be created with the best practices in mind. Examples of best practices when creating social media ads include ensuring that your advertisement is relatable, captivating and should incorporate real people and capture real life experiences.

Lori Senecal has established her presence in the sector of advertising. As a corporate leader, Lori is credited for coming up with some of the most captivating marketing campaigns. Currently, Senecal heads Crispin, Porter, and Bogusky in the position of CEO.

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Equities First is a Great Source of Capital to Potential Investors

Appropriate planning and usage of financial assets is a pillar to the success of every business. For instance, the world monetary patterns determine the status of individual economies of countries and also ensure Central Banks plan their financial policies appropriately. In the current world where economic challenges are witnessed in every part of the world, alternative lending solutions are becoming a must for startups and potential individuals applying for loans. One player that you cannot leave behind is Equities First- a company that was started in 2002 and one that has provided 15 years of lending experience to potential investors. More so, the giant in stock-based loans come with extra benefits that fit all categories of SMEs and learn more about Equities First.

When financial elements are managed well, businesses thrive. Finance entails creating, using and shifting monetary resources in ensuring proper cash flow within the organization. Every business only earns revenue after it sells its goods or services. The money obtained is then used in the generation of more services and merchandise. In short, any interruption of cash flow will negatively affect the business operations. When short-term or long haul predicaments arise, they directly or indirectly affect your business activities. Equities First comes to rescue your stumbling business when you cannot qualify for a bank loan and more information click here.

The entire global facets depend on the orderly finance progress. For instance, capital markets provide money that supports businesses. When all the systems in the world face challenges, borrowers are left without options. Such borrowers can find a solution to their problems with Equities First Holdings ( The company is hyper-focused, which enables it to operate as per the deal-by-deal criteria. Borrowers begin the process by contacting the team of experts concerning the amount of funds they need and the suggested security they are willing to offer. Equities First services are fast, efficient and reliable and Equities First’s lacrosse camp.

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How Richard Mishaan Design is Breaking Grounds In Interior Design

Richard Mishaan Design is an interior design enterprise with a prominent reputation in the Interior design industry. Since the founding of Richard Mishaan Design in 1991, the company has maintained its highly valued reputation for more than two decades. Richard Mishaan Design provides artistic and catchy interiors continuously to its hospitality and commercial clients. Richard Mishaan is an Interior design wizard and the founder of the enterprise. Richard Mishaan Design mainly operates in its headquarters in New York. As the brains of Richard Mishaan Design, Richard Mishaan has established projects with very high taste. My favorite is the 93rd Street Sales Centre that expresses simplicity yet exquisite design its warm colors are appealing to the eye and bring out a modern and stylish appearance.


Richard Mishaan is of Colombian heritage; He attended the Columbia University School where he obtained in depth knowledge in fashion, architecture, and design. He also joined the New York University where he attained a Bachelor’s Degree. At the beginning of his career, he served as an apprentice in Phillip Johnson offices. Richard Mishaan has also written two books.


The Modern Luxury where he discusses a wide choice of ideas incorporated into the design. He also addresses his love for color and how combining colors brings an excellent combo to design generally. In his second book, Artfully Modern, he talks about the characteristics of various lavish strands. He also points out an eye for design expresses quality which is better than the monetary value. He has sofa sets that he has owned for twenty years apart from the occasional upholstering. He also possesses a vintage coffee table of the 1930s. Richard is also a part time art collector; he occasionally collects art and shows cases the pieces. He is also the founder of Homer Design, a village design shop. At his Greenwich village shop, he sells custom made furniture to his customers.

Rubica has solutions to I was Hacked magical word

I overheard one of my friends talking about interesting hacking stories. But only one got me thinking if I was hacked, what could I do? Would I believe it, or I would just dismiss, my computer at it again. You can imagine opening your bank accounts, and $0.0 greets you, but how, only yester night when I last checked, there were more than five figures!


Hacking is real so is having secure firewalls, and antivirus is necessary. Cybersecurity is an essential need for any business that uses the internet. Don’t think you will just be sending and receiving emails, so no big deal. If these are your thoughts, you need to understand how WannaCry Ransomware infected their victims’ files.

For reliable cyber security services, go for Rubica, here’s why;

× Cyber attacks are increasing in number; you don’t know when you will utter I was hacked, the magic word.

× Such attacks have extremely severe damages regarding cost. Imagine taking down all your servers or networks. Don’t forget the ransom money.

× With the current business world, technology is being ‘consumed’ literally; they even have a slogan, ‘enterprises without websites will be out of business in one year.’ Do you want to lose your customers? As I thought so, invest in your online security or “I was hacked” will be your second name.

Who is Rubica?

Rubica is a cyber security company founded in2016, specializes in keeping you, your family and your business safe online. They have that power to protect even the world-class corporations. With their full service, all of your devices are protected; just download their app and install it.

Rubica has real experience and team of experts you can trust.

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